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VTR250 brake fluid top up? + other issues

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by typezero, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    A few questions...My bike is overdue for a 18,000Km service, but have to wait two weeks to get it serviced coz the place I get it serviced at has a two week waiting list at the moment. So meanwhile I learnt how to change oil and while I'm at it I also changed the oil filter.

    Now my main concern is the brake fluid. It's currently just above the lower limit at the front resevoir. Can I just top it up or do I need to completely drain it. My rear I think is ok coz it's still in between the lower and max limit. Brake pads are still ok (the back was replaced at the last service about 6000K's ago.)

    Another thing is...recently when changing gears, taking off from 1st and changing to 2nd sometimes it seems that it hesitates when accelerating seems like it's doubling up when gearing up...it's hard to describe as I'm not that familiar with it and sometimes the gear lever just snaps back into place after changing gears.

    Any help/ suggestions is very much appreciated as I'd like to learn as much as I can. Thanks again :)

  2. How's your chain tension? :)
  3. chain tension was slightly off...re-adjusted it this morning...hopefully gear changes are smoother...If the weather holds up i'll take her for a ride today.

  4. You may as well change the brake fluid rather than just top it up, especially if the fluid's been in there for more than 2 years or you don't know how long it's been in there. Brake fluid's cheap and changing it is not that difficult a task - having someone helping out will make the job a lot easier.
  5. i have mixed brake fluids before, as long as you use dot4 stuff. but it does stipulate in the manual not to do it. if you know how to bleed your brakes, then change the fluid. if you dont, i dont see you spending the pads in two weeks to make the resevoir going below the low mark. if you do bleed the brakes, make sure the leaver is fully closed when you tighten the bleeder valve, it makes a difference.
    with your gear changes, i rekon you're finding neutral between 1st and 2nd. your just letting the clutch out too early or not applying upward pressure positivly enough. or chain tension as mentioned. i doubt there would be anything wrong with the transmission after 18k klicks.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Well I think the chain tension did the trick...gear changes are smoooooth now...thanks for the tip hond@ :) , never thought that could affect rideability like that.

    Anyway as for the the brake fluid, I did buy some the same day I changed the oil but was a bit hesitant on doing it myself as I have limited knowlege on how to do it. I think i'll leave it to the experts as I have no idea what to do...although I'd like to find out how to do it. I've read the manual but my mind just goes blank.

    stay safe :)
  7. Good idea to leave the brakes to a pro if your a novice.

    It is one thing you do not want to stuff up. There is no trial and error with brakes, if you stuff it up you could end up as smudgy error in the back of something.

    If you can do it and confident with it, fine. Just keep in mind it only takes a little bubble to ruin your day.

    In saying that though, theres no problem in topping up the fluid before you send it to the mechanics for full service.