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VTR250 brake and clutch Lever

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Spart106, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Hi Forum
    My VTR250 came with aftermarket levers for brake and clutch, I am not sure what brand but it does have the original front brake master cylinder and mounting points.

    Should I be looking to replace them for peace of mind? Should I do master cylinder too?

    Are the cheap chinese ones okay, as I think thats what these ones are, hence my concern...

  2. Hi Spart106Spart106 . I was considering shorties for my VTR250 as I have really small hands. I spoke to a mechanic about it and he warned me against using cheap levers to the point where he refuses to fit them owing to his concerns about safety. I gave it some consideration and spoke to others who use them with no problems but I decided to stick with originals. In essence I came to the conclusion that I needed to put my big girl pants on and learn how to ride.

    The first thing I did when I bought my bike was a full service which revealed a few surprises. Worth the investment. It's a shame we didn't know about the dodgy fork oil and blown seal, but hey, after surviving a few tank slappers that got sorted too.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I have done a full service on mine, and I knew about basically all of it luckily so I got the bike really cheap and as I did all the work myself, it didnt cost much :). The guy I got it from rides mainly dirt bikes so he didn't have much use for it. I had a good look at the levers and they don't seem to be cheapo ones which is good!

    I will steer clear of cheap ones and maybe look at getting original Honda ones :). However I really like them being adjustable. Thanks for the reply!
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  4. I had some cheap shorty levers a while back on my first VTR, no real complaints other than when I did end up having a drop it bent the handlebar. Usually the longer lever would 'cushion' the impact a little and hopefully stop the handlebar from taking the brunt of the impact. Personally since that day I've stuck with the stock OEM ones, more so for peace of mind than anything else.

    I am looking at replacing my front brake master cylinder and clutch lever mount though as the stock one doesn't really sit too well with the clip on handlebars I have installed. It's just a case of finding some quality parts to fit.