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VTR250 Blue 2005 model

Discussion in 'Archived' started by shonofear, May 8, 2012.

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  1. VTR250 Blue 2005 model - SOLD

    bike is not on the GOld Coast, but the Sunshine Coast, Alexandra Headland...

    Thought I would see if there's any interest in my VTR250:

    27xxx (still riding so will slowly creep up)
    no name oggy knobs

    as I will be heading back to NZ at the end of the month, so will let it go close to the end of May.

    in 2011 had a few things done for RWC, included:

    new fork seals
    new front tyre (sport demons)
    new battery
    new chain and sprockets
    oil and filter change

    recent additions in the last month have been:

    new rear tyre (sport demons)
    RHOK rim light kit (aqua blue) soo good at night

    REGO until August
    will get a RWC before sale


    thanks for coming
  2. update
  3. Very, very nice.

    Wish I was in QLD and not VIC.
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  4. ah crap,
    forgot to mention the bike is currently on the Sunshine Coast, at Alexandra Headland
    i leave for NZ on the 25th May (ticket booked)
    but my brother will deal with the sale on my behalf.

  5. update


    would be nice to see it gone before i leave next Friday...

  6. get a quote to ship it down.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion; trouble is I'd want to inspect the bike and there are the associated costs with re-registering the bike and if it doesn't reach VIC before the RWC expires etc.
  8. True about the costs, maybe negotiate with the seller
  9. ok,


    would love to see if go before i leave next Friday....
  10. SOLD

    thanks for coming
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.