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VTR250 Barend mirrors

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by davesquirrel, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Bought a set of bar-end mirrors off eBay. They arrived the other day and I finally got around to fitting them on the weekend.

    The problem with the VTR250 is they have sealed end caps, so you have to fix them on using the provided plastic sleeves and then tighten up the allen key bolt. Discovered after i'd put the right-hand one on that when I opened the throttle and let go, it didn't close. At all. So a bit of tweaking and I had a bike that pretty much wasn't going to kill me on the first ride out.

    Rode into the city this morning and at every set of traffic lights on red was tweaking the angle of the mirrors to find the best way of seeing behind me. After about 15 reds, i'd found what I thought was the best angle, which admittedly wasn't all that good. Certainly makes you headcheck a lot more than normal.

    And then I hit two rows of stationary traffic with a nice VTR250 size gap down the middle. Except my bike was now slightly wider than before and the bar-end mirrors are at exactly the wrong height for getting through commuter traffic. Bloody school holidays and no SUVs, which were what I was clocking my rabbit-ear mirrors on occasionally.

    So I enabled 'Traffic Mode' by rotating the mirrors 180 degrees inward so they rest above my hands. Ironically the view behind is infinitely better as well although I do need to move my arms inwards to get a full view. But the bike is back to being nice and narrow again and i've just got to hone my spatial awareness skills as if I clip a car mirror with these, they don't have any give in them like the rabbit-ears.

    Next step: megacycle exhaust - heard a sample of one on YouTube, and Netrider people seem to rate them so going to get one fitted in the next couple of weeks hopefully.

    Pics here:


    Apologies, but it's flash-driven so I couldn't link the images.

    EDIT: dear lovely mods, please can you move this into Bling and Appearace ta!