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VTR250 backfire / starting concerns

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mav, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys

    I suspect my spark plug(s) are due for a change as the bike alternates between
    (1) taking forever to start
    (2) a quick backfire on start up

    yes i have petrol, sidestand is up, fuel is switch is "on", bike is not in gear (or i hold in the clutch if it is)

    the quickest start i can get now is if i switch it to "Reserve", then hit the start button, which usually only takes a couple of attempts.

    is a dirty air filter likely to contribute? tried to pull of the tank the other day, after removing the securing bolts, couldn't remove the tube connecting the main feed for the petrol, it was just to short in length for me to get a good grip on it, and was too tightly secured to the valve.
  2. Are you using choke? Honda's are notorious for running rich and you may not need choke at this time of year.

    In general it just reads like it needs a service, including a carbie clean and a sync.
  3. A mates VTR was doing this on me as well (without any real pattern), a service has cleared it up completely.
  4. biatch wouldn't start up this morning, got a lift in to work.

    how do you get a bike that won't start out to the mechanic?
  5. Mate with a trailer.

    Where you at?
  6. Clutch start it
  7. how do you get a bike that wont start out to the mechanic???are you for real??use your phone and call a towtruck....use your phone and call a mate ... use your phone and hire a ute , if that fails i have a ute ,im free tomorrow after 10am, im not far from rooty hill , pm me i can get your bike to the shop and get you home after,,,,
  8. Ahhhh the bromance is still strong in this place :)
  9. English-Mother-Fucker.

    MAV, it doesn't sound too serious, but it's probably not (just) the plugs.

    Are you due for a major service soon? Valve clearances out of adjust can cause hard starting, as well as all the other stuff mentioned here.
  10. What I love about Tiprat's response is:

    "Wake up to yourself biatch.

    BTW I'll be around on the weekend"
  11. Ah, so that's what he was saying.

    Life's to short for bad grammar.
  12. I'm having the exact same problem with my scooter, although being automatic my only options to play with to get it started are ignition and accelerator. Its been a bit long since my last service, so that may be the issue. It starts fine if its warm, so I just have to keep accelerating till its warmed up enough to start, 2-3 mins, this is probably not so good for the starter. I've got it booked into the mechanics on Monday. The mechanic on the phone said it was probably a carburation issue.
  13. No mates have trailers...

    blacktown area

    and no ****ing derr about calling a towtruck, but I shouldve maybe been a little more specific and asked "how to get a bike to the mechanic without paying for a tow truck / pickup service"

    it didn't cross my mind that you fellas are really helpful with these sort of things and shouldve just made a general cry for help rather than a vague appeal of "Wot do ah do George???"

    hard to find a mech around here that will do a service for less than $300
  14. yeah was pretty funny :D
  15. If you suspect the plugs try changing them yourself and see if it improves.
  16. yeap will be doing that

    just gotta get the feeder tube off as it seems to have
    (a) a really short length
    (b) it's not coming off easy

    i've got a mobile mecchy booked in for monday anyway just in case it's something else.
  17. Hey mav is there a pipe-clamp you're not seeing?
    Maybe even buy a few inches of fuel tube and then go hard with the long-nose?
    Had the tank off the VT recently and it wasn't that hard once I lifted the back of it up an inch or two...

    +1 to Tiprat too: tough love is still love ;)
  18. yeah so i had a mate come over and provide and 2nd pair of hands and greater brain capacity and managed to get the tank and airbox off. (there was a pipe clamp i wasn't seeing Nitekreeper, at the other end!!!)

    pulled out the sparkplugs and they weren't that healthy, especially the front one, which had oil on it. Any ideas where that came from?

    replaced them with Iridium newbies and the bikes is starting and running alot smoother now.
  19. Given the problems you had starting it, my first guess would be valveguides/clearances - is it up for a service?
  20. dunno, bought it from the dealer 4 months ago, put on about 5k since and i've recently changed the oil + filter

    sitting at about 38k...which will dramatically increase as i'm now using it for 100k commute per day