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VTR250 Advise

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zulu2, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. HI all. I am about to buy a Honda VTR250 yr 2000, almost 20000ks on it. body is imaculate not even a scratch on the pipe. I want to ask if $5000 + onroads is to much ar a good deal, its from a dealer. I know its my choice and desision in the end but need to be a little more informed. I test rode it and feels sweet, Ive only ever rode VTR's to compare it to.

  2. Sounds a bit much for a 2fiddy with 20,000k's?! Just do a little research and find out how much they're new.
    Plus Redbook might give an indication as well.
  3. Have you checked bikesales.com.au ?
    For around 5k, you can get a 2003-2004 model with similar mileage
  4. go compare it with VTR250's on bikesales.
    i sold my last VTR250 for $5800.
    it was 2006, with 30,000km(ish)
    i wouldnt pay the $5k for your bike, thru a private sale.
    but this is a dealer, he is gonna mark it up.
    my suggestion, is since you've already had a VTR (? you mention only having ridden them to compare), then buy privately, save yourself the money.
    or get a mate who knows bikes more than u, go inspect some private sales.
    u can get a much better deal privately than any dealer, if your smart and dont buy a lemon (or a yellow VTR250 :p)

    but as far as dealers go, that sounds ok for a price.
  5. if your smart and dont buy a lemon (or a yellow VTR250 :p)

    I have only test ridden VTRs and getting my L's never owned a bike and cant say I know much,but i know some.

    it is actually a yellow VTR
  6. ewwwwwwww :p
    matte black :cool:

    but yeah, i do reccomend checknig out bikesales etc, and scoping out a private sale.
    make sure its sold with a RWC, and if you're unsure, get RACV/your local shop to do an inspection of the bike. sure, it'll cost u a little bit of money, but i can guarantee u will save more buying private than with a dealer.

    btw, no matter the colour, top choice in bikes for your Ls :wink:
    absolutely loved mine. wrote one off, and sold my 2nd one due to loss of licence, having too mcuh fun on it :p
    when i get it back in Dec, i'll be either getting a Duke 600M, or another VTR :grin:
  7. Ask for some sort of limited guarantee, a service history and 20% off all accessories you purchase from that shop. Then drop down the deposit and get riding ;)

    If *you're* happy to pay $5k for it, then that's what it's worth.
  8. If 5k is the asking price, they'll more than likely give it to you at the same price "ride away" if you make that offer. Better deals can also be achieved. Most bikes are traded at half their likely sale price so there is some room to move. It really depends on how good a deal its previous owner got when it was traded, how long it's sat there and what the dealer needs to cover costs and make some profit.

    5k sounds reasonable but I haven't looked at the market to check (you should though). If your happy then that's all that matters. If you think it's too much, then offer less and be prepared to walk away if they refuse. :)

    I have bought a number of bikes for my offered price after being called back as I made my way out the door. :wink:
  9. How much rego is on it? Does it have any damage?
    I got a great deal privately for $5500 with a full years rego on a 2005 red model with 12000kms, oggy knobs, heated handgrips, immaculate condition. You can pretty much ride away on a brand new VTR250 for $8000 (while the last remaining few are still in stock) which has forced people to accept a bit less for second-hand ones I think. So, you can probably get one much cheaper privately, but I had a lot of time to research and look at bikes and I had someone with experience to look at them too.

    I think a few places will give you a 10% discount if you buy a lot of gear even without buying a bike, but a discount is meaningless unless it's off some standard original price.

    Anyway, it still sounds like an alright deal either way. I love my VTR!
  10. The best advice i can give is look at the for sale section on this forum.

    There are some great buys there, like a red 2005 VTR250 for $5,400. That I just 1 I saw and I know there are s couple of others.

    The VTR250 is a great bike and I would recommend it to any and everyone.

    disclaimer: I have no connection whatsoever to the bike i mentioned above.
  11. gotta make seven osts before dealing with classifdes here

    The rego is just about out, but absolutly no damage at all.

    After thinking overnight Ive decided when the dealer call me today to give him my best offer and thats it. Im intersted in some other bike on sale here.
  12. Sorry but this is post number seven

    Bump. I wont bump a topic again I promise
  13. Re: gotta make seven osts before dealing with classifdes her

    Get them to throw in a year's rego, and make sure you get the final ride-away price.
  14. I got a 2006 vtr250 with 63km on the clock a month ago for $5800 plus he gave me the cover as a bonus. Bikesales :wink:
  15. 5K is way too much for a 2000 model. You can expect to pay that for a 2005 model but, for a 2000 $3k to $3.5k is more reasonable. Either haggle real good or do your shopping somewhere else.
  16. I got a 2000 Honda VTR250 a few months ago (a yellow one!!) from BikeBiz in Parramatta. It had only done 5800 clicks and had a sports exhaust (sounds great). In excellent condition except for a dent on the tank where something had fallen on it (that's what I was told).

    I paid $5800 (a dollar for every km it had done...lol) and am very very happy with it. A few people have told me that I paid a tad too much for it (didn't actually tell me what was a "good price") but I couldn't be happier with it. And the guys at Bikebiz spent heaps of times with a noob asking silly questions and gave me a wealth of advice so I have no regrets.

    But $5k does sound a tad pricy for a model with 20,000 clicks on it.
  17. I sold my 2000 VTR250 4 months ago for only $2200. Looking back on it Im so annoyed at myself. Yes, it wasnt looked after the best, and yes I was annoyed at the constant electrical problems I kept having to fix, but im a retard for selling it, especially for that cheap. I even threw in a tank bag, kevlar jacket and pants.

    Lessons learnt i guess..
  18. my vtr250 2000 model cost over 5 grand right in the middle of peak bike buying season (end of spring!) last year

    that was from a dealer, and i could probably have gotten a better deal privately but TBH there weren't that many decent ones around at the time, this one was clean, had as staintune on it, had been serviced and rode well so i just bought it and didn't whinge

    yeah i coulda saved a few hundred bucks, but they had one there and then that was exactly what i wanted