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Vtr250 Addons/upgrades

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Snupple, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Im in Perth and have just bought a new VTR250 for commuting generally (as my first bike) and am interested in knowing what sort of recommended 'extras' there are for this bike? not bling, but things like protectors etc (for the bike, not me).

    On the list of potentials I already have:

    Fly Screen
  2. Might as well add a set of frame sliders to your shopping list too
  3. Turbocharger
  4. Bar end weights. Takes the brunt of a drop :confused:

    Like my adjustable levers too.
  5. I added a windscreen. It helped a huge amount with buffeting at higher speeds. Then I dropped it the week after and scratched my windscreen :(
  6. for the doors?

    lol oggie knobs are about it as far as necessary/worthwhile bike protection goes for them. our may have fallen over on the weekend and aside from a slightly bent brake lever and a scratched oggie knob it's fine.... or as fine as it was before.

    VTR's CAN sound nice with a decent slip on pipe..... if you're heavy you can get emulator things for the front forks to make them less sloppy or get a harder rear spring.... but in general they are what they are and there's no need to do anything much and you might as well save your cash for replacement brake levers, indicators and mirrors.
  7. If you're commuting, buy some heated grips. I won't be without them now. The windscreen is also a good idea.

    I also put a USB charging port on, connecting it to the relay used to connect the heated grips (so the bastards turn off when the ignition does - they're supposed to anyway, but I've heard stories telling otherwise). The port was handy for charging my phone or bluetooth, and I took it off and put it on the Z when I upgraded.
  8. How hard is a USB charger to install? Does it require soldering etc? (I'm a bit of a mechanical klutz and all of my electronics gear is in storage in Perth.) It sounds like it'd be really handy for camping roadtrips, though.
  9. Sorry, I don't know b/c I didn't do it myself. I don't think so - more like putting clips on wires and plugging them in. Suggest you pm streetmaster for more info as he installed mine.
  10. Damn multiple posts.
  11. Easy to install if you just buy a 12v car socket to USB adapter and gut it. Only tricky part then is making it all waterproof.

    Otherwise you do need something to drop the voltage to 5V - and keep it there. Tthe voltage on a bike can vary anywhere from 11 to 14 volts, and some electronic devices are very sensitive about how many volts go into them. Some companies also specifically made their devices need slightly more than 5v, so you can't charge them fully from a computer or aftermarket charger.
  12. I bought mine online so didn't need to gut it - and you can buy a special plug thingy ($10 I think - damn ripoff) to make it waterproof when a charging cord is in. When nothing is plugged in, it has a cover.


    Hope I'm not breaking any rules putting the link on. Let me know if I am, and I'll delete it.
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  13. Yeah, I'd rather not wire up my own voltage regulator circuit if I can get something off-the-shelf that works. I found a few sites selling motorcycle-specific USB adaptors, slightly more expensive than a cigarette lighter one but worth it for someone else to take care of a weatherproof handlebar mount. That just leaves wiring it to the ignition circuit (or running wires straight to the battery and hoping that the standby current draw is small enough that it won't matter :cautious:).
  14. Ebay sells kits with built in inline fuse with a weatherproof boot. There is a seller in the US that has awesome kits with different length looms/wires. Save you putting the bits together from jaycar! Dead easy if a hot connection, just make sure nothing is connected to it when you leave your bike. Relays are beyond my skill set :p
  15. Thanks, exactly what I'm looking for for my CBR125.
    If I'm feeling energetic I might even post a topic with pictures as I install it.
  16. The seller is "andy14nq" and you know after I hooked it up nicely under my seat, realised that the previous owner have hooked up a hot connection to an SAE connector under the tank to the handlebars... Doh!!

    I then bought an SAE to 12V connector, would be nice to get a SAE to usb but they are expensive. Seem to have too many connections now, wish it was simpler... :eek:
  17. Thanks for the recommendation, I ordered one last night and it is now making its way to me via carrier pigeon (US postal service). I decided to get it with ring lugs to pop straight on the battery since it sounds like others have done that with no worries, though if I remember I'll put the multimeter on it first to make sure it isn't drawing too much current with nothing connected to it.