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VTR250 - 3 month supsension to play with

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. well im off for 3 months.

    i have been thinking a fair bit, and i think i want to keep the VTR for a few years, and not upgrade.
    why you may ask? well:
    - she's comfy
    - she commutes like a dream, economy is great
    - ridden hard, she goes like a rocket in the twisties.
    - insurance isnt alot compared to an upgrade.
    - she's sexy :grin:
    - easy enough to lose my licence already :LOL:
    - tours pretty well

    does pretty much everything i want in a bike, except for long sweepers, $1.40 is about my limit. i know a few sets i would love to be looking at $1.80 through :twisted:

    a few things i want to do so far:
    - oggy knobs
    - get a screen
    - rear fender
    - possibly some more aesthetic mods: indicators, mirros, stuff like that.

    one thing i was thinking about, is changing the sprocket sizes. increase the front/decrease the rear. this will A) give me more top end, and thus 8) reduce the cruising revs which will increase fuel economy (correct me if im wrong here?) . this will help especially when on freeway/touring.

    i know i will lose a bit of acceleration, but im assuming it wont be that much. keep my revs and gear changes timed right, and i should be able to adjust for some of that.

    any suggestions regarding this? has anyone done it on a VTR250 before?

    and also, any other mods you would suggest? im open to ideas, if i like it, and it wont cost too much, i will certainly consider it.

    Nibs :)
  2. sell it and use the money to pay for my overseas holiday. you will love it.

    so what do you use the bike for mainly? commuting? do you want to prep it for touring in the future?

    how much is too much to spend?

    how mechanically minded are you - will you be doing the work yourself?
  3. Remember it is only a 250. By raising the gearing you make first gear a fair bit taller - perhaps not ideal if you commute - but it may not have the grunt to lug in top if you go too far. Plus, as you have already learned, you can easily speed with stock gearing. Just some thoughts...
  4. Leave the stock gearing.
    Changing it will knock any "edge" off the little 250 and not increase economy. If you must, go down 1 on the rear only but I'd be enjoying the engine flexability as it is.
  5. (A) depends on whether it's gearbox (redline in top gear) or power (insufficient power to fight wind resistance) limited. IMHO the VTR250 is both - peak power in 5th gear is nicely aligned with where the wind drag becomes too much to fight against. Well-selected gear ratios. :)

    (8) is hard to predict. You could give it a try, but depending on the volumetric efficiency at a lower rpm you might not save fuel (or might burn more fuel!)
  6. es - i mainly use the bike for fun: big days in the twisties. i do commute on it, but doing 1000km a week, when work is only 13km away, commuting is not its main purpose :LOL:

    im not the most mechanical of people, but i am generally a quick learner, and happy to get my hands dirty as long as i have instructions/someone with me/able to help if i need it. i will be doing as mcuh as i can myself, to save costs.

    financially, im happy to put a grand into the bike maybe. depends on what for really, and the benefits. i dont wanna bother blinging too much, cbf with carbon fibre etc etc. dont know if i even wanna get a aftermarket can, as it's purely sound, and for $600ish :?

    Spots - hmmm i think it might be as you said, both redlining, and out of grunt. as i said its twisties at high speed, im in 5th, at 9.5-10 grand i think. have to change down to 4th and basically redline it to maintain the same speed on a bit of an uphill sweeper. with the screen which i will definately be getting, this and 10km/h or so to the top end as i've found, simply by reducing the wind resistance. maybe this will be enough without the sprocket changes.

    2WA - it might be worth trying it, would 1 tooth down on the rear make much difference? is there any programs of a formula with which you can work out the changes to RPM a certain speeds? i dont wanna take away too much of the acceleration she has with the stock gear ratios, as its awesome in the tight stuff as is.

    thanks for the comments so far guys :)
  7. Try this NR link mate. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=26224 from Technical and Troubleshooting Torque
  8. ahhh thats where it was.
    that gearing commander page is awesome!
    plus, theyve added in the VTR250 now :grin: looked at it a few months ago, wasnt there.

    anyone have any ideas how much a new front and rear sprocket would cost me? i'd have to get a new chain too eh.

    depending on cost, i'd certainly consider this, as it does look like it will make the gears too long, but will give me a bit more poke with the screen added in to reduce wind resistance. there's only one way to find out eh!

    i'd also keep the stock sprockets, as they've only 14,000km wear on them, if i didnt like the new setup i could simply change back.

    sweet, this is one thing considered :)
  9. Screens on naked bikes are godawful abominations. Let naked mean naked, I say.

    I wouldn't spend anything on your bike, the VTR is a great big bag of awesome as it is. If I were you I'd be putting the cash aside and thinking about a $2-3k older bike like a VFR750, CBR6F, something like that to put next to it in the garage for the longer, faster stuff and keep the VTR for cityside hoonage where there's not much that can beat it.
  10. hmm you havent found the right screen then Loz :p
    i find it A) looks good, 8) helps get the wind off my body a fair bit, gives me a quiet space to tuck into, and C) reduces the wind resistance a bit.

    any other mods aside, the screen is going on, sorry :cool:
  11. Nibs, didn't you mod a VTR already? Why not just do the same mods again? It looked pretty hawt.

    Or am I confoosed?

    or do we not speak of such things?

  12. hahaha yeah that was my last VTR, before i sold her. simply had the screen, oggies, and rear fender. i will be doing the same to this one, but im considering sprocket changes, indicators, mirrors maybe, ooh i forgot a HID kit, or at least a brighter globe, thats definately happening haha.

    then any other suggestions people have.
    any ideas? :p
  13. Here's an idea....don't lend this one to me! Unless you want mods you weren't expecting :p
  14. neons
  15. lol es.
    but no fairings, where do i hide em? :p
  16. in ur pants :cool: