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VTR250 2nd Service & Price Variations

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ceska, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Its almost time for VTR to be serviced. PS $300 (2 hrs), Redwin Honda $245, Metro Honda $145 (1-hr)
    I asked all dealers what they do on a 2nd service, all answers similar... change oil/filter & check bike completely head to toe.

    Is it imperative I go back to PS? I'm having trouble justifying the huge variance as 2x VTR's require service (his too) & Metro's winning so far.... any feedback?

  2. lol
    lots of suckers born.

    oil filter $10
    Oil $20
    10 minutes to change oil
    5 minutes to adjust chain (if needed)
    5 to adjust cables (If needed)
    Quick glance to make sure nothing is loose.

    thats all that happens to your bike no matter where u take it.
    shoudn't pay anything over $120 (and id expect a polish)

    but thats me.

    BTW a service at any license mechanic will be fine as far as your warranty is concerned
  3. In your typically simplistic view on life you forgot about the huge oncost of employing people rent/lease on equipment and floor space and a host of other costs including carrying parts.

    OP get it serviced where you're most comfortable and make sure the book is stamped.
  4. Thanks gents, thought that much... I feel better about my decision as I haven't had to shop around with my Subaru servicing given they have a monopoly; so this is all new to me (I've previously been spoilt with a wonderful brother who's a mechanic, but now unfortunately lives in Sydney :( )

    2wheels: Very reasonable points, I don't mind paying for people/floor space/rent in a small way, as long as the jobs done right :wink:
  5. last service for my VTR250 paid about $500.00
    got them to do a major service on it... change every fluid and check every point over the bike.
    they also rebuilt the carbys too... which was the main reason for the service.

    it really depends on what you want done..
    i would like to think that a generic service will cost about 150-180ish depending what needs to be done.
  6. Your owner's manual will tell you what they do at each service (or should do). There is a table in there somewhere which lists it all for each service - 1K, 6K, 11K etc.

    From my recollection, the first service involves some more complicated things (eg checking valve clearences etc) as well as the usual oil and oil filter change, checking over entire bike (i.e. all bolts), checking and topping up fluids, checking chain tension, cables etc.

    If you had the first one done at 1,000kms, I would probably change the oil filter and oil yourself (which will take you half an hour tops) and then just check over all the rest yourself also (cables, chain tension, nuts and bolts, fluids etc). It will save you some cash, you can put whatever oil you want in it, and then at least you know exactly what has been done and checked.

    Of course if you do it yourself you can't have your service record stamped which might have warranty implications.