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VTR250 - 2nd hand parts for sale (including tyres for a 250)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by I Adore Vic, May 6, 2012.

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  1. All parts have now been sold.

    Hi all,

    Am selling all parts (most being genuine HOnda parts) off a VTR250 (06 manufacture/07 model) apart from the engine which is rooted due to oil starvation.

    Selling due to dead engine and a CBR600 f4i in the making...need money - make an offer on parts below. Will consider all offers and will post at buyers expense.

    Happy for you to view the parts or if you want to see photos, will post up at request.

    Bike is red with the gold rims.

    Pretty much every part is up for sale, including the following:

    (Updated 7/6/12)

    Everything left in the list below, plus the engine (incl. carbys etc) - $1000 (not incl. postage)

    Brand new Pilot Activ rear tyre - only done 400kms - SOLD
    Headlight and case - SOLD
    Megacycle Exhaust - $220 ONO -SOLD
    Indicators rear $10 pair- SOLD
    Indicators front - SOLD
    Brackets L&R that the pegs attach to
    Turn signal relay
    Tail light
    Duct tail/seat (red trim) can sell separately or as one part = $130 FOR BOTH SOLD
    Front and rear wheels (gold rims) SOLD.
    Brake calipers front and rear - SOLD

    Frame - $400
    Subframe - $150
    Forks - $300
    Triple clamps $100
    Pegs - front pegs only (no pillion). - SOLD
    Clutch lever SOLD
    Brake lever
    Right hand switch housing and throttle tube
    Gear shift lever - SOLD
    Rear brake lever - SOLD
    Fuel tank and key= $150 SOLD
    Front fender SOLD
    Rear fender (this is the part the taillight and number attach to. Never been modified $80 ono
    Chain guard
    Swing arm - $120
    Engine cases
    Cables - throttle,
    Instrument cluster - speedo, tacho etc and mounting bracket = $80 SOLD
    Rear shock
    Battery box $20
    Sprockets front and rear $20 for both - SOLD
    Discs - front and rear - SOLD
    Water pump $20
    Radiator (has a cosmetic dent in it)
    Air filter/air box
    Master cylinder front and rear - SOLD
    Battery (relatively new) $25
    Ignition coils x 2 =$60 for both- includes spark plug leads
    Handlebars = $45 - SOLD
    Right hand switch housing
    Carburettor - full twin unit incl vacuum chamber, throttle chamber, pilot screw, throttle linkage etc)
    Starter motor unit - suits 01-07 models = $80
    Ignition barrel and key

    And the list goes on and on.

    Also have the engine - damaged due to oil starvation. Can strip and sell parts separately or if you're interested, make an offer on it whole.

    If you need a part and it's not on this list, let me know.

    Updated 7/6/2012
  2. pics please???
    interested in headlight, front fender and ductial.
  3. pic on the pipe please
    "Megacycle Exhaust"
  4. Thanks for the interest - will post pics up tomorrow after work as it's too dark to do so now.

    Also, am in Yarraville VIC and happy for you to come check parts out in person. Please pm me if you are interested and to arrange a day/time.
  5. I WANT THE TYRE!!! PM sent!!
  6. also interest in the exhaust, price on it yet?
    what handle bars did you have on?
    and are the mirrors available?
  7. Do you have the small triangular frames that the pillon pegs go on to or did they go with the pegs?
  8. Rear tyre - Pilot Activ only done 400km -

    Megacycle exhaust - $230 ono. These sell new at $450-$499. Nothing wrong with it. Has scratches over the megacycle exhaust bracket and faint scratching over some of the surface from a slide in the mud but these are barely noticeable. Sounds awesome - great tone and shitload of character.



    (And excuse that square rear tyre - was a trip to Broken Hill what did it!)
  9. well no they dont, well they did but
    megacycle no-longer operates. so they are now un-available new. making this an even better prospect. the equivalent alternative is a new staintune for 750ish if i remember correctly.

    hmm, seems to be a darker red to the earlier bikes (mine 1999, and a bright red. this looks almost maroon)

    still interested in the headlight though, specifically the chrome trim ring. but will take assembly at right price.
    also bars if the guy a few posts ago doesnt want them (could use a spare set of originals). and maybe the rear fender (wanna chop mine, but have an original spare) so prices on these would help.

    p.s. is your front brake resvior window clear??
  10. Well there you go - Megacycle are no longer then. What a shame - Ken was a great guy and put a lot of passion into his pipes...

    Yep pretty sure your 99 is a different red. Mine is definitely not maroon though - is the standard red put out by Honda...just a different red to the older models.

    Sorry but the headlight has gone - was the first thing to go along with the front indicators.

    Will update the first post with sold items.
  11. Hi shonofear,

    Exhaust - $230 ono
    Handlebars are the standard bars that came with the bike when I bought it new.
    Sorry but the mirrors are gone.
  12. Hi Clemo,

    Certainly do. Will post pics/details up soon.
  13. ok,
    not interested in the standard bars, cheers though
    deeply considering the exhaust though...
    let you know, ta
  14. so price on the rear fender.....
    front brake resevoir (master cylinder) front only not both.
    Oh and the hero knobs (bolts on the bottom of the footpeg)
  15. Thanks mate but I did not realise they were the black ones. I am after the silver ones. Good luck with the sale.
  16. No worries Clemo and thanks.

    Spenaroo - pm sent.
  17. Right grip and right mirror available?
  18. Sorry coffee guru - both gone.

    Still plenty of parts available.

    Will update first post with more prices and sold items.
  19. Hey all,

    Want to get rid of the rest of this stuff...

    Make an offer or if you want the loti in the list, plus other stuff I haven't put in there like little electronic boxes and stuff that attaches to the wiring harness and makes things do what they do PLUS the entire engine that was starved of oil, $1000 not including postage.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.