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VTR250 2015

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by AeRocb, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Hi All,
    Newbie here.
    Just got my L's recently and looking for some advice about my first bike.
    About me:
    Weight: ~80kgs
    Riding experience: very little
    Budget including gear ~ <$10k
    Riding position: prefer upright
    Will be using my bike for weekend recreational riding/ occasional hwy riding.
    Not interested in racing/or daily commuting.
    Went to the local dealer to have a look at some bikes that I researched earlier and came up with this list:
    1.Honda CB500F - Looks nice but not very keen on the look and seating position does not suit me.
    2.Yamaha SR 400 - Dealer did not have anything on display. This bike has got a kickstarter instead of electronic start. Prefer electronic start though.
    3. Suzuki TU250x - Nice looking bike but the sales guy said that these bikes will struggle on the freeway.
    My question is as a newbie, what bike would you advise me to look for and at the same time I want something that I can grow with as my skill level goes up and will have to live with for at least 3 years until I get off my Ps/restrictions.
    I prefer a new bike as I'm not mechanically minded person.'
    The VTR250 seems to be recommended the most on the web as they are "bulletproof", but can't find a new one anywhere on Honda's website.
    How do I get a new or near new in perfect condition in Melbourne.
    Any advice from experienced riders? Please share your experience if you ride a VTR250 currently.

  2. Grey import from Japan is the only way (I think). Why not get an MT07? You'll appreciate the capacity on the hwy. VTR250 is fine as a commuter or a little track bike, but you've said you don't want to do either of those!
  3. My only advice on LAMS bikes it to go for a larger capacity machine. 250s are fine for the first few months, but once you're on your Ps, you will find them rather wanting in the power and torque department. 250cc are fine for riding to and from work and through traffic, but will struggle if you to do any longer trips or go touring.

    There are a large number of 500cc + LAMS bikes to chose from. A Suzuki GS500F and the more recent GS650F, and the 650cc VStrom are bullet proof, easy to work on and ride, do everything well. The Honda 500cc range are also very good, but you have already ruled them out. Kawasaki make 600 and 650cc LAMS Ninjas; again good. Yamaha sell a range of larger capacity LAMS bikes and again they're very good. The MT07 mentioned in an earlier should be on your list to at least look at.

    The next question is to buy new or 2nd hand? If you are just starting out, the chances are you will drop the bike at some stage. It may be a simple 'fall' when you're not moving which will do minimal damage or a spill at speed. I would recommend looking at a late model (say 2-3 years old) with low kms (under 10,000 kms) on it. This way you save around 30% from the new bike price and if the unfortunate does happen you won't be as upset.

    If a 2nd hand bike looks good, has good service history and is checked by someone with a small amount of mechanical aptitude, the bike is probably OK. If buying private there are companies that can do a pre-purchase inspection for you. You can fin details of these people/companies on Netrider. Otherwise look for a dealer who will offer a warranty on late model used bikes.

    Go and sit on as many bikes as you can and make a list of which ones you feel comfortable on. Don't rule anything out based on looks as comfort and feel are most important when making a decision.

    2nd hand gear is also worthwhile looking at with the exception of helmets (always but new). You need jacket (preferably leather), pants (kevlar lined denim like draggin' jeans), gloves (gauntlets are best and offer more protection that shorter gloves), and boots.

    Good luck with your quest
  4. I don't think we get new VTR250's anymore... you'll definitely get a used one well in your budget.

    Some other options that better fit your brief - KTM duke 390 (~$7k), Yamaha MT-03 (~$8k), Yamaha MT-07 (~$9k).
  5. i think you and i had similar wants. i purchased a used cb400, 5k, and spent about 1500 on gear. i have been very happy. there is some lovely low km cb400s for under 7500 out there.
  6. Hi All,
    Thanks a lot for the advice guys.
    I will definitely check out the Yamaha MT 07 and do a test ride soon.
    Will keep you guys posted after the test ride.