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Vtr250 2009-2012

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fauziozi, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm getting my L-licence soon, and currently looking for "the" bike !

    I'm 165cm and after seating on a Honda CB125E, got totally hooked with how comfortable it feels. Unfortunately, it's not allowed on Hwy with its max 80km/h.

    Tried the 2012 Honda CBR250R and 2007 VTR250 and felt uncomfortable as I couldn't get a flat foot.

    After discovering cycle-ergo.com, I realised 2009-2012 VTR250 has almost identical seat height with CB125E. So I'm almost 100% sure this may be "the" bike.

    Budget is $4,500max. I browsed around, and found a 30,000km 2005 VTR250 at $4,500. But also found a 30,000km 2009 VTR250 at $4,500. Is this a deal too good to be true, or have I just found a really good deal?

    Any other bike recommendation for me?

    Any warning at all for choosing VTR250 as a first bike?

    Appreciate your responses guys (y)
  2. Get one! You won't regret it! Great first bike and looks and rides great. I got my 2004 model from dealer about $5k with 22k on the clock, so the 2005 one sounds right. The 2009 one sounds too cheap to be true unless there are problems? They are EFI from 2009. Is it a private sale or dealer used?

    I am 155cm and can flat foot at the lights on one foot before I had the seat reshaped and lowered so that I can park and manoeuvre more easily esp on sloped ground. You will definitely be fine.

    I love this bike, stationary dropped a few times and damage is bar ends and levers, cheap to fix. Best for beginner! I learnt a lot and progress is faster on a bike you can manage I reckon. 125cc is too small, you want to be able to do freeways, whether you are commuting or doing it for fun.
  3. the description doesn't say any problem at all except a few damage from being dropped at low speed but all parts has been replaced. It's also unregistered (how much would it cost to register it?)

    I can't believe being 155cm you actually feel comfortable with 2004 model. But I guess I have to take your word for it. This fact actually broaden my option by A LOT.

    I'm getting it mainly for work commute. Btw, can you put a rack at the back on VTR250?

    If it's a deal "that" good, I'd grab it straight away. Otherwise, if it's quite common.. I'll wait for a few weeks for a white color to show up somewhere.

    If I'm going ahead with this. Is it possible for someone expert in bike to come along with me to check the bike I'm getting? I'd definitely compensate it anyway you like, as long as it's reasonable. location is Melbourne.

    Cheers :)
  4. Yes. I have a Ventura rack on mine and an associated pack which straps onto it. Took about 15 minutes with a spanner to attach to the bike and looks like it was always designed to be there.

    Other luggage options are a magnetic tank bag (I have one of these too - handy for carrying smaller amounts of stuff like you might want when riding to work) or panniers.
  5. Do you wear motorcycle boots? They help with the height and also good safety!

    I use a tank bag and also strap panniers to my backseat. The rack can make it hard to fling your leg across but then I am short and probably have bad technique Hahaha.

    You will need a roadworthy done to register it and maybe get them to check the bike out too? Get a quote from a few places too. I am in Queensland and you can fill out a form online to calculate new rego, not sure about Victoria.
  6. if comparing the two, 2009 version of course...

    I've had a VTR250 for about 1 and a half years already. Its fvcking Great! bigg4rin.
    I can attest that they are a rock solid bike and mine just refuses to die because they are RELIABLE
    It has a nice low seat height (im 170cm tall, weigh somewhere in the low 60's and have short legs and I can easily flat foot both sides when stationary),
    approx~7000/10500 rpm at 100 kph in top gear - not too vibey
    Nice small turning circle with a generous steering lock - great at slow speed manouvres and u-turns
    likes to drink 91 RON unleaded (runs better) so cheap on fuel (>91 is a waste of money)
    economical! - I get approx 4L-100kms
    almost instant torque so you wont have to rev the shit out of it to get it to move
    nice comfy seating position wont put excess strain on your wrists
    Nice and narrow - great at filtering
    A good example can be had for approx $4k so it pays to shop around!

    Strong engine
    objectively the best lams bike ( and best looking, especially in yellow hehe)
    Also the best sounding LAMS bike, great with an aftermarket pipe
    awesome fun on the track

    Insurance will be cheaper on a naked bike too

    you will learn good habits and technique faster on a smaller bike.
  7. I live in clayton, but will only be around for the next couple of days
    I might be able to help out if the bike isnt too far away as I dont really have transport
  8. Regarding storage options there are four tie down points on the EFI models but not on the older ones. Just use some ratchet straps to tie down an esky to the pillion seat -- this will give you waterproof storage. You can't take a passenger anyway.

    If you've got a bag on the back seat then stepping up on the peg with your left foot before putting your right foot over is the way to go (hold onto the handle bars when you do this).
  9. Don't limit yourself to just an EFI one, especially if you're on a budget. It will seem big at first if it is your first bike. I'm barely taller than you and ride a 2007 vtr.
  10. I'm 173cm tall. With a 2011 CBR250R being around the same price as an 05 VTR250 ($4.5 - 5k), would it be better for me to go for the CBR being a newer bike?
  11. I'm around 156cm and rode a 2007 VTR comfortably for a year and a half. Can easily flat foot. Fantastic learner bike.

    It has two tie loops, plus hooks on the pillion peg holders for tying stuff down. Bear in mind that any strapping (for tailpacks etc) designed to go under the seat will need you to take the whole tail off, then unscrew the seat from the tail, so only suitable if you want to leave the attachment straps there all the time.

    Oh, and my son pillioned his girlfriend on it thru the hills to the brewery at Coldstream. Probably wouldn't be a regular thing tho.
  12. The CBR is a cheaper bike than the VTR brand new. VTR brand new is about $8500 and apparently made in Japan?
  13. Thanks! unfortunately the 2009 bike I was eyeing on has been sold. I can do a pick up with my car for anyone who's willing to help later on; especially if the bike is far from Clayton as I don't think I'd have the confidence to ride them myself back home.
  14. isn't the flat foot rather crucial for comfort? or is it something I'll get used to very quickly?
    I'd rather not limit myself with this if I can, just want to ensure that I can enjoy the rider as much as possible.
  15. oh wow, you managed to flatfoot a 2007? maybe when I was trying, I got on the wrong vtr? :eek:
  16. Got on her again yesterday b/c I had to leave the Z at streetmaster's so he could take the wheels off for new tyres. Yep, flat foot easily, and knees feel like they're hitting my chin after being on the Z.