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VTR250 2001 No Headlight but High Beam Indicator On

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Spart106, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Hi Forum,
    I commuted in the rain on Saturday, no issues, Sunday I rode to see parents and had no issues. When I left my parents my headlight wouldnt turn on but highbeam indicator stayed on. I bumped the horn button as I wiggled some wires and the light came on and eveything was fine.

    Today I organised the wires better to look for shorts, everything was good but I am having the same issue now. Fuses are fine, bulb is fine, checked voltages and they are fine, I also hit the horn and still was the same.

    I wiggled all the wires and cleaned all the connectors and checked all the solder joints. Any ideas?
  2. Something is loose, or there is a poor contact or you have since blown the globe with it cutting on/off.
  3. Sounds like you have corrosion or dirt on the horn/lights switch circuit, or a poor electrical ground causing incorrect voltage, at either the battery or headlight switch.
    Start be checking the battery ground (both terminal and where it connects to the frame) , then pull apart of the switch casing and check for dirt/corrosion.
  4. I have continuity between the ground terminal and the globe, both outputs on the globe and both switch points on the switch internals.
    I checked the globe and filament is intact.

    Did I check that correctly?
  5. Sounds right. Pull the relay and check contacts for corrosion, clicking etc.
  6. Try a new globe first, or take it out and put it across a battery to test.

    A bad connection to a globe is more than likely going to blow it, they are not very tough.
  7. Ah I see. Where is the relay? From what I can tell it goes from the switch straight to the headlight?

    Ahh yeah I will try a new globe, but the filament is intact so does that mean its okay?
  8. One other things that sometimes catches people is the Start Button. Often bikes have a separate set of contacts to disconnect the headlight while the engine is being cranked. These second contacts can sometime get dirty so when the start button is released the lights do not come back on.
  9. Look very closely at the globe filament(s). A burnt-out filament might only be indicated by a small black/grey discolouration. Recently I had a burnt-out low beam filament with just that sort of indication.

    From your description of the issue, other people's recommendations about checking connectivity from the switch, battery and relays are probably more to the point.
  10. Thank you for the help! How do i clean contacts and the inside of the switches? Is there something I can spray inside it to clean it, some sort of aerosole based cleaner?
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  12. may help if you don't have already
  13. Fixed it!!
    Cleaned all the contacts, loads of gunk came off, still no dice... Cleaned the contacts on the headlight globe - bingo! Headlight setup is 6 weeks old ahahha...

    Thanks everyone!!!!!
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