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VTR250, 2001 model, 4800 dollars, your thoughts?!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Calculus, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. Hey all, went looking at motos again today, this VTR is nice.

    2001 Model with 31000km for 4800 dollars, what do you guys think, is this price about right?

    Only things that I noticed were:

    Some small spots of rust on the front of the stanchions
    A small dent on top of the fuel tank, and the side may be a bit dented but I didn't look close enough, either way no paint is missing from the bike

    Pictures coming soon when i figure where to upload them

    I am considering buying this bike and putting a deposit down on it tomnorrow but I am unsure on the price... please help!
  2. i think that that's quite reasonable.........spot the damage to him, say its 5yrs old, 31000km is decent as well.........may get it for $4200-$4400 would be good i think
  3. if he says he can get it for 5k trade in then i reckon he's full of it.........they don't give you much for trade in cause they gotta mark it up and put warranty on it etc.

    i mean if he can trade it in then he won't be offering 4800 for it. he'd just trade it in much easier for him

    but still if you want it then get it cause you won't be losing too much off it when you sell it anyway
  4. Yeah, ok, I will try to lower the price a bit, but I have been hunting for a bike for 4 weeks and am just sick of it, finding a bike is harder than getting the stupid licence. Also this is the first bike I have had a chance to look at, I was going to look at that across yesterday but it was sold and was told to stay away from it anyways....

    Any other things which i should consider before buying the VTR? I want to buy it because it seems liek a resonable price and there just isnt much decent stuff here in wa, maybe i got in at a bad time of year :\


    EDIT: can you guys see these photos, what about the spots of rust on the stanchions? they are very small
  5. Please comment on the price! I have to go soon and dont have internet access at home! :(
  6. I reckon 5k is a little high.

    There is no way in hell he would get 5k trade in unless he was buying a really expensive bike brand new.

    The pipe has been modified as well (I think).

    He is playing you. What is he a charity? Why would he go to 4.8k if what he says about the trade in is true? Tell him 4.5 or he can shove the bike up his ass.
  7. i'd have to agree with sikboy on this... i'd like to know which dealer is going to give him $5K it. :? the fact it's the yellow model doen't help his story - dealers prefer the black as they're easier to move. ;)

    to put in in perspective, i got my 2001 VTR250 (perfect condition) with just over 5000kms on it for $5500 8)

    as for the rust stains, if they're small flecks or spots, they happen. you can buy special polish that will get rid of it.

    again, i agree with sikboy that the exhaust doesn't look like the stock - find out what's happening there especially if he didn't mention it. maybe it's been replaced because it was dropped on the original?

    what are the tyres like? if they need to be replaced anytime soon that will set you back another $300-$500.

    let us know how you get on. my advice would be that if he won't drop the price, if you can afford to wait and see if he comes back or alternatively another bike shows up, then wait. of course if it's in A1 condition mechanically, you don't mind the minor cosmetic damage, and you can afford it, then so be it.
  8. can i please have info on the "special" polish (name and cost and where i can get it)?, i got a bit of surface rust on the upper parts of my forks :eek:
  9. Ah, ok, well we will offer him 4500 for it, and we will see what happens.

    I will ask about the exhaust pipe.



    PS you gotta remember that I live in WA and the prices here are damn high to begin with :\
  10. When you trade in a bike or car, you will be offered wholesale prices, which are around half of retail.

    He's lying if he says he can get 5k from a dealer.
  11. VTR 250 trade in prices and market value

    Check out Redbook.com.au which gives ranges and averages for trade in private sales prices
    See Vehicle Specifications
    Red Book Code HOND01TJ
    2001 HONDA VTR250

    Trade in price guide* $2,500 - $3,000
    National average price - private sale* $3,900 - $4,700
    Price when new (RRP) $7,990
    End Quote.
  12. Autosol.

    If the spots are onthe pipe, they'll come off but it's likely they're there due to internal corrosion so they will also keep comming back.

    I conccur with the others. One always tries to sell a bike for more than they are offered as trade in. Why the hell else would they go to the effort of getting a RWC and dealing with the rego paperwork? Offer 4.5k and I'd reckon he'll take it. That said if you really want the bike then what's $300 worth of happiness?