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VTR1000SP1 or TL1000R- Battle of the sports Vtwins

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by T_terror, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Does anyone have any experience of either of these bikes?

    Im moving on from the RS250 soon and the only prerequisite is that it must be a sports vtwin. Another Aprilia would be good like an RSV Mille or even a Ducati but i cant justify spengin that much on a bike just yet.

    So that leaves the offerings from Honda and Suzuki. Both look tough and have good reviews in most places i looked.

    I lean towards the VTR more it just seems better proportioned and looks and sounds damn hot. The TL seems to be a bit cheaper. I havent had a chance to test ride any yet, doubt ill get to anyway i am kinda young.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Both companys have stopped making them new, so you can only find a second hand one.
    I ride a VTR firestorm... which I love... I had gxr 750 before but for some reason I just prefer the Honda a whole lot more...

    So go the SP2!

    Anyway, if you like em, grab one while you still can...
  3. Depends what you want the bike for.

    Coming from an rs250 I'd think that half-decent handling would be a priority. The SP2 will ultimately handle a heap better, and is a much newer design, although the TLR is a muscle bike for sure. The Honda might also be a bit lighter, those TLR's look a bit porky to me.

    The Honda may also have better resale value (though Honda slashed $1000's off the new price of SP1's much to the dismay of many owners looking for exclusivity when it came time to sell).

    Get an SP2 (black frame and swing arm colour scheme: Horn!), chuck a heap of money at HRC bolt ons, and you'll have a fire breathing beast!

    If your decision is based purely on looks and sound, then your mind is probably already made up.
  4. TLR's dont turn corners apparently.

    I had an SP1, very sweet bike. Highly reccomend it.

    Ive not ridden a TLR
  5. Come on Vic you can do it....... say the word S U Z U K I :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I'm going to get chewed out here
    But the TL is far better than the VTR
    I Love The V twin But if i Had to choose then i know which way i would go
    Just check any perfofmace review
    TL wins by a long shot(I think I"m going to be killed by my best mate)
    Have too add that the TL at least looks sexy the Vtr well?

  7. You're not comparing the TL1000S to the VTR1000 are you? If yes, then I agree entirely.

    The thread is weighing up the SP1/2 vs TLR1000 [Edit: I think!]
  8. The VTR hands down
  9. SP2 wins, if you don't like your wrists. If you do, the TL is a more comfortable option.
  10. EH?!

    That sounds odd. You do realise both the SP-1 and the TLR are V-twins doncha?
  11. The comparo's I've read all agree the TLR might have the power factor slightly over the VTR, but the VTR handles a lot better.

    Last TLR I came across, was modded to the hilt & I thrashed it on my Storm (of course, it was in the wet & could've just been ridden by a wuss...). Can only imagine what it would've been like on an SP1 or 2...
  12. You should PM FR she had a TLR and has just bought a SP2 .
  13. Why discount a Ducati or Aprilia? For a decent VTR SP2 you'll be looking around 12-13 grand. I wouldn't even consider a TLR, it's not even in the same league. Plenty of low Ks 916sps or 996 can be had for around those dollars. Or RSVs.
  14. based purely on looks the VTR is in a whole different league to the TL.
  15. go the sp1/2
    they just look horn and the sounds are sexy
  16. I have just sold my TLR, which I had for 3 years, and have bought a new SP-2...so I believe I can give an educated opinion.. :grin:

    I LOVED the TLR...A huge, powerful, cult-type, twin that seemed to have unlimited power. :twisted:
    I toured around New Zealand for 5 weeks with it, did some track days, commuted and of couse the weekend play. Mechanically it never put a foot ( or should I say tyre!) wrong. ( It was serviced every 6 thou kms. without fail). The brakes were fantastic, good clutch and great suzuki gearbox, snapping beautifully into gear every time. Expect btw 180-220kms per tank. It was comfortable, stable... and did I say powerful?! Aftermarket pipes make them sound sweet..it is an unmistakable note.
    On the downside, it was very heavy, devours tyres and required serious pushing to get it around corners in the mountains....and did I mention it was heavy!
    The weight isn't always a problem, you just have to be careful with parking etc.. I posted a story here about when I knocked it over one morning and got stuck under it!!

    Now I have an SP-2. It is much lighter and handles better.
    It doesn't have the power the TLR had and the brakes seem strange to me (although i have only had it for 4 weeks ). I have had a couple of mystery stalls where the bike didn't want to start straight away which I don't expect on a brand new bike. The SP-2 also runs really hot and radiates enormous amounts of heat, usually straight onto my legs..Not a toy run bike!!

    I expect tyre wear to be similar to the TLR, being a big twin, and I haven't tried the fuel issue yet, but have got 180kms out of the SP-2 without the fuel light coming on.

    Both are expensive to insure..and the tyres are expensive..around $340 per rear.....The TLR has held it's value well. market value still aound the $9,000
    The TLR has a great boot! you can fit heaps under the cowl, the SP-2 doesn't. Both are a pain in that you have to plan to carry a pillion, coz you mostly have the cowl on...coz it looks cool!! If you want to carry a pillion, you have to swap to the seat.
    Both seem to handle carrying luggage well, I recently took the SP-2 to Mt Gambier for the weekend, and it travelled very well.

    If you are in Melb. I know where my old TLR is for sale and it would be a good one...well looked after...lady owner.. :LOL:
    PM me if I can help you any further...
    Good luck..
    PS: Twins are great and either one you get, you will fall in love with.
  17. Ha, bring on the Bimota SB8.... yeh!
  18. I had a TLR for about 18 months, and nearly doing 50000ks on it.. in stock form, I do not like the rear shock on the TLR's.. I was, lucky to buy my TLR with a ohlins rear shock.

    as everyone has mentioned big twins will chew rear tyres.. in that 18months i went through about 7 rear tyres (from soft supercorsas to sports touring rear tyres).

    Both bikes need a full exhaust system ;)

    pillion will find the TLR more comfortable and I beleive for longer rides the TLR will be a more comfortable bike overall.

    Both bikes will cost the same in maintenance etc.

    TLR motors from what i have seen tend to be very reliable as long as you maintain an service the bike regulary (you should get 100,000km's)

    only thing you have to decide really is what color and style u prefer
  19. I'm a sp-2 nut! Just need to get one already!
    The TL has a great engine, but is a pig! Coming off your 250 you won't believe how poor the handling is!
    Ok the sp-1 is not a bad buy, I would recomend spending the extra $ and getting the sp-2
    Either way the sp needs some $$$ to really bring out that beast.
    -Exhaust (don't get a full system as they all lose power!)
    -PC3 usb (with the right map for pipes)
    -Flapper mod
    -regearing (its VERY tall geared)

    You will read on the internet about PAIR and soft rev limit mods, Aussie SP's don't have em' so don't have to worry about that.

    I'm still waiting for Honda to price a 4 year old bike better before I hand over the $, oh and the 05 is not the final model as most believe as Honda MPE has changed it's mind and will import the 06' into Australia, it's all black! :twisted: