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VTR1000F Mod's to Increase Power and Torque

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by trevnsig, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Hey there

    I've got a VTR1000F - 2001 model which i love. It has a set of High Rise Staintunes on it which i believe sound awesome. (does anyone know how much, if any they increase horsepower and torque). They where on there before i purchased the bike 2 years ago

    I am now wanting to tweak it a bit to get some extra power and touque without spending a huge amount of money. I am thinking of maybe putting a jet kit and a high flow filter in it and maybe put it over a dyno.

    Can anyone tell me how much these will increase performance, approx. cost and whether there is any down sides to doing this.

  2. On my VTR (frame #1 back in '98), I fitted short intake trumpets front & back, V2 high comp pistons, V2 camshafts, polished rods, ported head, incased the carbs in a ram air airbox, HRC carb kit. Got the stock 96 horsepower up to 136, bike didn't handle though.
  3. I will tell you that with what you are thinking of doing it will not prduce chalk/cheese results, and you may be disappointed.
    What Johnny did may have produced results, but this wouldn't have been cheap.

    Basic rule:

    Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go??
  4. If I had another Firestorm, the mods that I would do are....

    *Braided front brake lines.
    *Straight rate heavier fork springs (1.0kg for 85kg rider).
    *Revalved front forks (I used CBR600 internals).
    *A set of camshafts, not sure if you can still buy V2 items.
    *HRC carb kit (I'd make my own but a HRC item is the only one on the money).
    *3mm shim under the rear shock mount to lift the back of the bike.
    *rip the rubber intake snout out of the airbox and enlarge the intake area by 50% (jetted accordingly 195 main jet without carb kit).
    *Rotate footpegs up for more ground clearance (make stopper plates).
    *Replace the longer intake trumpet with the same short one.

    And if I had heaps of spare money, I'd try and hunt down a HRC close ratio gearbox (has a much taller first gear).
  5. How do you reckon the fuel economy would go with that lot?
  6. ]

    wouldnt matter around town, only starts guzzeling in the hills when you open her up. mines got 195 main jets. the one thing you forgot to mention johnny was to derestirct the rubber baffle between carb and the intake manifold. how much bottom end did you loose with those mods? and how the fark did you fit the ram air kit??? :shock:

    myself ive done the standard flow mods, dyno jet kit, K&N, stainies low rise, deristricted the inlet manifold, aswell as braided lines. the main gains to had with these are in the bottom end, and somewhat in the midrange. i havent had a confirmatory dyno run yet which i really need to do, when time allows, but the information i got was the with all those mods you generally got a peak of about 110 ponies at the rear wheel.
    none of the HRC stuff is available anymore, i checked with honda.
  7. oh and just to finish answering your question, dynojet kits cost about 180 bucks, K&N is 160, dyno runs are about 100 bucks. most places i know charge three hours labour for the job. i did it my self in about 6, then spent another hour doing pilot mixtures and balance. oh and while you are down there change the routing of the carb breather lines, so they point down, this will stop the carbs from flooding under heavy braking
  8. The early models did not have the restrictors in the inlet manifolds. My bike gained everywhere, drastically from 6,000rpm onwards.
  9. Your got ripped idontlikemondays [​IMG]

    K&N's are under $100.. easy; & dyno runs are like $60 a run.
  10. i dunno MG, i went to 6 places before i found one with the filter for the firestorm, i was happy just to get the bloody thing. although i did see one on ebay for $110.
  11. Lol paint it Blue it will freakin Fly :p :LOL: :cool:
  12. Oh Ok

    Must be more expensive for the firestorm because mine is $75.
  13. Oops, forgot, and a steering damper.
  14. I always thought they were pretty quick to start with?

    Best mod?
    Maybe try holding the throttle open for longer! You'll be surprised just how fast she'll go.

    Depending on your circumstances and budget, it can cheaper and easier in the long run to just upgrade.
  15. yep real handy gassing it out of a sweeper at $2.00, since the front starts dancing.

    mario is right, it will cost alot of money to get anywhere near the power of the I4 900s. the subject has been discussed pretty well at http://www.ozfirestorm.com.au/OZFireStorm.html
  16. The best mod you can undertake is to whack on a bigger fuel tank :LOL: :LOL:
  17. this has been discussed on ozfs, and the end result was that they lost power all round, wiith most needing to buy new airboxes
  18. I have dyno proof, with the correct jetting, extra 4 horsepower.
  19. THANKS

    Thanks for all your suggestions, I think i'll keep her the way she is, i just got back from a 1800km trip which included the superbike school at phillip island, and you know what shes not all that slow and if it isn't broken don't fix it. Rest of trip was Albury, mansfield, Cowes, school, bairnsdale, Omeo, Mt Hotham, Bright, Albury. 3 nights. AWESOME even if it rained most of the time
  20. Thanks again