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VTR1000 SP2 (Whilte) Ignition issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by The17thPope, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a 2002 VTR1000 SP2 and the ignition is killing me (and almost has).

    I can be rising at times when the PGM-F1 shorts out; the reds come on the dash and the power dies!

    I have taken off at some lights one time when the ignition died and then kicked right back in again and this went for about 100 meters, almost throwing me from the bike.

    Does anyone know if SP2's are prone to ignition (or such) issues as this is a drama!!

    I have also noted by Radar that my speedo is out by about 12km's.
    I hit a public radar at 110km's and was only doing 98km's.

    Can anyone shed some light on what I should do to get this back into line and so that I don't stall again in the middle lane of the Westgate Freeway!

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  2. it's definitely electrical and your best bet is to take it to a Honda Mechanic.
  3. Hi i have had sp1's and sp2's I had the exact problem on my sp2. Those bikes vibrate like hell. I tracked my problem down to the terminal had broken off from the battery. It was just touching it and went you went over a bump it cut out.
    Take the seat off and have a look. Hope that helps.
  4. Remove as much bodywork so you can access the wiring and with bike idling, wiggle all loom connections where terminated, might give you a lead to chase.
  5. Thanks all. I think it's time for the bike to get Naked this weekend so that I can try and sort this out. Not good when the bike stalls in the middle of the freeway with traffic right on your ass!!

    There's some duct tape wrapped around part of the ignition wire. I think someone has tampered. I'll start there.
  6. Battery terminals, side-stand switch, on/off rocker switch, starter relay, rec/reg, key switch, main fuse, tilt switch...

    Have fun mate! You've got 3 days.:D

    You'll need to put the standard front sprocket back on to correct the speedo. Or try to find one of those mythical "speedo-healers"...
  7. Your Stroke is TOO short and you are getting premature ignition :)
  8. Hi all,
    thanks for your insight to this.

    I pulled most of the fairings off on the weekend and got the the ignition Loom (where I believed the problem to be).

    I undid the Orange Clip and found that one of the connectors going into the loom was hanging out. This was a Black wire and I believe that this may had been Earth??

    Anyhow, I clipped all wires back into the loom/harness and then reconnected the clip.

    I did 680km's on the weekend and this did not happen once!
    I believe that I found my issue!

    I also scrubbed both terminals and she's running like a dream!

    Apart from the speedo. Hit another public radar and it was 10Km's out.

    You mention the stoke. Does this have something to do with the front sprocket? These are original..