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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by shuttleman, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between a Honda VTR1000 and SP1, or if the SP1 is based on the VTR1000 using the same engine, frame, exhaust etc.

  2. Welcome Shuttleman, hope you enjoy netriders.

    Sorry I can't help with the questions, but no doubt someone will let you know sooner or later.

  3. Put simply, the VTR1000F Firestorm is the budget, workhorse version.

    The SP1/2 is the racer version.

    They share the same engine but that's about it. Even then, the engine is tuned for more performance in the SP1/2.
  4. Not exactly the same engine. The frame is different, actually alot of things are different.

    The SP had its donk built by HRC and puts out around 18kw more power.

    Either bike will do the job.
  5. The SP1/SP2 cost about $22,000 brand new where the VTR1000F is only about $13,990 brand new. Like the other guys said, the SP1 is a 'superbike' type of bike (ie: huge power, low handlebars, sports riding position), the VTR1000F is more of a 'sports tourer'. My brother in law owns the VTR1000F model, awsome bike, very sporty handing and performance, and are quite good value, especially on the 2nd hand market. The SP1 has about 20 HP extra than the VTR1000F also.

  6. The SP2 has been reduced to $17500 :)
  7. Shuttleman, for some specific Firestorm info have a look at www.ozfirestorm.com

    Heaps of info on the Firestorm but no so much on the SP models.
  8. Go on - you know you want to... :D
  9. Here Vic. Have a scoopy.
  10. At that bargain price it's worth trading in the Saab.
  11. Thanks to all that replied,my interest was mainly on interchangable parts as I have bought a slightly scratched up 2000 model VTR1000 for $3000.The mufflers have some scuff marks on them so I was just interested along those lines. I was curious about parts off these other models like the SP1 etc being interchangable with this model.
  12. Trust me, the itch is that bad that it needs scratching :D:D:D:D
  13. a little birdie told me that the SP2 is the last of the production line... is that right? Does anyone know if Honda are gonna replace it with a new 1000cc Vtwin sports bike?