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VTR1000 fuel range

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Org, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. I was hoping someone can help me with a first hand experience of the fuel range of a VTR 1000.

    I want to upgrade my tired ZX6R but have read that the VTR has a range of 160 - 190km.

    I ride 80km a day and don't want to fill up every second day! My ZX6R can do 240km without going to reserve (the commute is on freeways most of the way) Any chance of 240km from a VTR??

  2. it all depends what tank you have
    some are 16 lt and the later are 19lt

    i have 16 and get about 200 city
    and 220+ country but as soon as my light comes on i fill up , around 180 kms as they are too heavy to push.
    they do drink a bit , but its how you ride , some weeks i only get 150-160 or so from a tank if i am going stupid
  3. 240 without hitting reserve no probs strap a jerry can on seat and connect to fuel line :shock: zx9 230ks before reserve :grin:
  4. Thanks, so if I got a 19lt tank I could probably do the commute ok? Do you know when they switched to 19lt tanks

    I will probably get one anyway! just get to know my local petrol station a bit better

    Anything else to look out for with them?
  5. the lack of fuel range is a pitance compared to the fun these are to ride, I've had mine for just on 2years and commute on her and go out and play on the w/ends.

    its an 2000 model with a 17 ltr tank and get around 170 to a tank b4 reserve..

    but to give you an idea of the k's i've done on her 17450 when i picked it up and it got 58875 on it now. with a ride home to melb from syd this w/end :)
  6. I remember getting 320 before having to switch to reserve on the ZX6R :)
    Once I had the Yoshi, K&N and jetting done, it dropped to 280 before reserve.

    Then along came the sp1 with it's 18lt tank.

    160-180 before the light came on and at 226, 3 people were pushing it to the servo :) ppsst, just dont tell the others that were pushing that it stops with 1.6lt still left in the tank. I found out the second time I ran out. If ya turn it off and wait a minute, turn it on and it fires up. I ran out 1km from a servo. When I filled it it only took 16.5 lt :)

    Ya get used to the short range. Other than the first 2 times I ran out of fuel when I first got it I didn't have a problem.
  7. Rexy, I'm getting 230k's before the light comes. I'm on a 2003 model.
    Plenty of fuel economy threads on
  8. Thanks for the advice, I think I will be getting one when I change bikes in the middle of the year.

    I worked out I was looking at my problem the wrong way. Instead of trying to get a bike that fittted my daily commute, buy the bike I want and then make the commute fit it! Move house if required!

    Glad I sorted out my priorities
  9. 2001 is when the larger fuel tanks came out on the VTR. I have a 1998 model and regularly get 170-180 kms before the fuel light comes on. That usually takes 14l to fill from that point.

    I use the bhike for a ~25km each way commute every day, as well as the occasional fang ride.
  10. Dale, your 2 bikes seem very different. I have done 40000km on a 4 cylinder 600 over the past 3 years and have been thinking that moving to a large V twin may be very different and I may not like it (I haven't riden a v twin for about 5 years) when you swap between your bikes does it take time to adjust?
  11. They are completely different animals. It does take a little bit of time to adjust, but it's not too bad.

    I personally prefer the VTR. The riding position and the whole character of the bike suits me far better.
  13. No one I have spoken to who has owned a VTR has a bad word to say about them, they mention things that could be better but no one regrets buying one. I am almost convinced.

    Resurrection, those '97 VFR's are similar, everyone loves them, I had one once, still regret writing it off
  14. I had a ZX6R for a couple of years and decided to buy the SP1 as the "weekend bike" and use the ZX6R as the commute bike.

    Once I rode the twin the ZX6R sat in the garage for 3 months without being looked at.

    I rode it after 3 months to the local shop and hated it. Got home and advertised it for sale. Sold it 6 days later. I doubt that I could go back to an |4 :)
  15. speaking of fuel range.

    How bloody bright is the low fuel light on those things?

    It came on after 155km whilst going home last night and the thing was annoyingly bright.

    I fueled up when the clock said 182km and it took almost 14 litres. Thats 13km/l :)
  16. Thanka again, one more question.. trye life? I get about 14000km on the ZX6R (sports touring tyres) Will a VTR get close or am I dreaming.

    Also are they easy to get on the back wheel just using the throttle (thought I'd ask as my other questions were so boring)
  17. It all depends how you use the right wrist. I have a 600 and am lucky to get 4,500 out of a sports tyre. If you ride it in the same style your mileage will be about the same
  18. Yeah, no mistaking it that's for sure. Can't say you weren't warned you were running low on fuel. :grin:

    Seems you're getting pretty much the same fuel consumtion as me.

    Out of interest what mods, if any, does yours have Vic? Mine has the high-rise pipes and a K&N air filter. No idea if the jetting has been fiddled with though.