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VTR1000 down...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BlueVTR, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. It had to happen I guess...

    Tuesday morning on my way to work, I hit some gravel while slowly turning left into the street I work in. As soon as I began breaking, the front gave way
    and I fell heavily on my left side. At 51 and with a body mass of ~85kg, one doesn't bounce as well as those Moto GP guys...
    Result: 2 grazed knees (one with 4 stiches), bruised wrist & ribs...
    Bike: see photo attached. Waiting for a quote & the assessor. Tank ok, though.
    Gear: Quantum e Arai, gloves and jacket sent to heaven, via QBE.
    Pants, well no doubt if I had been wearing DragQueen jeans, the knees would have been safe...
    Painful lesson there.

    Please be safe on the road, it hurts too much!=D>


    Attached Files:

  2. Ouchie. Heal quick!
  3. Bugger. I feel your pain. Look after those ribs, man.
  4. Thanks for that guys, take care.
  5. ah bugger, sucks to hear you went down mate. I used to own a storm, they are a good bike. Lucky she went down on the left, those clutch covers can be quite a quid. Damage to the bike doesnt look too severe, should get off pretty cheap. I def recommend frame sliders on these. A mech dropped mine and ill that got hit was the indicator and mirror
  6. This cold weather probably isn't helping. All the best.

    Hope you were careful moving the bike from where it was parked. :eek:hno:
  7. Ouchies. Hope you heal up quick mate.
    At least the damage to the bike doesn't look beyound duct tape and buffing :p
  8. It was a bugger to lift back up... and push to the carpark @ work...

    The bike was dropped off at Metro Honda for quote & assessor from QBE.
    The damage I saw includes:
    Handlebar weight snapped off
    Front indicator snapped off
    Mirror "folded"...
    Front guard scrapped
    Faring (no comment!)
    Clutch lever end grinded
    Gear lever bent 90°
    Muffler scapped & mounting bkt bent :cry:
    I might have missed something, but I'll soon find out!

    Not4resale: do you refer to those teflon "knobby things" screwed onto the frame?
    It did cross my mind, but I saw negative comments about them, saying they transfer the
    impact to the frame...?
  9. After having to lift up mine from an horizontal position after I'd damaged my ribs, I concur!!
  10. I did this to my bike in a similar situation not long ago, though my damage was limited to a snapped indicator, a few chips, and my pride because I was pulling into my mates workplace :cry:

    That being said I'd much rather have my pride hurt then bruise a rib and cut a knee, ouch!

    Good luck with the claim.
  11. not everybody is a fan of frame sliders/oggy-knobs, but I reckon it's better to damage them than expensive casings.

    sorry to hear (and see) about the 'off'; that gravel really took to the fairings :(.

    no doubt your next investment will be some Draggins :wink:
  12. No arguments there, Hornet! =;
    Thank you all for your kind words.

    Just got the quote: $5002.25 :confused:
    Don't know what the different scenarios I can expect to be faced with.
    Never had to put a claim before, in 35yrs of riding...

    Cheers, and take care out there.
  13. The argument I've heard against them is that rather than just damaging some fairings and chipping some metal, having oggy knobbs means ALL of the impact get's transferred directly to your bikes chassis, which, if bad enough, pretty much means the bike is a write off, instead of replacing some plastics and maybe smoothing over and repainting some metal damage.

    What happens to your rating Blue? Is it being classed as driver at fault?
  14. 5 grand??? Wow, that's sailing close to the line. Be very careful when you claim. If the value of the repair is close to the market value of the bike, they will write it off! Trust me, I know from bitter experience.

    Make sure that you are THERE when the assessor from the insurance company comes to look at the bike because, if he decides to write it off, he'll just load it on his truck and it will be gone and there will be nothing you can do about it..

    Word to the wise.
  15. Take these figures roughly as I'm working off an older model and some things may have changed.

    Handlebar weight snapped off
    Might be cheaper to chuck on some aftermarkets because the genuine bit is $100+ whereas a couple of aftermarket bar ends are under $50
    Front indicator snapped off
    $80 for the genuine bit and I think it was $50-60 for the aftermarket one that looks the same.
    Mirror "folded"...
    I think a mirror was around the $60 mark
    Front guard scrapped
    Whatever a panel beater stings you to spray it. You can get a new one but don't think it is worth it if its only a bit of a scrape.
    Faring (no comment!)
    You may be able to get it plastic welded and repaired on the cheap and have it sprayed up for under $500 if you're lucky but the new ones I believe are around the $900 mark. See if you can find one in your colour from a wreckers. I usually use Metro out at silverwater
    Clutch lever end grinded
    Aftermarket one of these shouldn't be more than $15
    Gear lever bent 90°
    Should be able to bend it back.
    Muffler scapped & mounting bkt bent :cry:
    This one's the kicker... scrapes are hard to get out. You could take it to someone who treats metals and have it ground down and polished to get the scratches out. The rear footpeg is around the $95 mark and the bracket $80.

    This and whatever you get stung for labour. You can save a penny getting aftermarket parts and second hand bits from wreckers. If you go through insurance, they may write this off.

    Yes, you will get mixed reviews from them as large crashes can end up causing more damage to your bike but the way I justify it is that if you have a massive stack you are probably looking at a write off anyway so why cost yourself $600+ for a stationary drop just to save the frame in the case of a massive crash. Thats just my opinion and I have crashed at between 130-160 kph via a highside with oggy's on and the mechanic said that the sliders are what kept the damage as low as it was.
  16. PLUS, the vast majority of these repairs you can do yourself and save the labour costs.
  17. oww i did exact thing on my cbr250rr, turning right at about 15kmh and didnt see the slither of gravel in intersection, front end ditched instantly and snapped my foot! Although ironicly there was an ambulance parked at a stop sign at the same intersection :) handy no?
    Take some good rest to get them ribs healed!
  18. :( heal up and good luck with cheap repairs / insurance
  19. bugger, take it easy for a while.
  20. The problem with oggys on a vtr 1000 is that they dont bolt directly to the frame. They bolt to a bracket and the bracket bolts to the frame.

    Now the way the bracket is built, there is a tab that rests on top of the frame along the top edge, to hold the bracket square. In almost every situation, if the knob takes a hit, that tab cuts into the frame like a knife edge, severely damaging the frame. The speed of the hit is the only thing limiting the damage done by the bracket to the frame.

    On a lot of bikes, oggys seem to work pretty well, but the terrible design needed to fit them to the vtr1000 leaves a lot to be desired.

    And yes, I had them on mine, and they busted the frame the first time it went down. It was only 2mm of damage away from being written off, from a 30kph drop. I can take photo's if anyone needs them for reference.