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VTR two-fiddy exhaust mod alternatives

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Scrambles, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. The title says it all yes? I have been looking for alternatives to the $675 staintunes, as I get discouraged when adding $60 fitting cost on top that comes to about 12% of the total bike cost!

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Ps. My reasons are purley cosmetic and aural, I understand its only a 250 and there is little I could outside buying a new bike to vastly improve performance. :)

  3. Well yeah it will be a long term thing (At the very least until my license becomes unrestricted).
    I am all for buying a staintune if thats the only alternative: quality product, ozzy made, bit of a value addition etc), I was just a little bewildered as there are so many fellow VTR riders out there but only one aftermarket exhaust manufacturer.
  4. we have one of our group riders on a vtr250, who now sports a neat little chrome exhaust and awesome note. grand total cost of the can was $56 and then a few bucks for fitting. looks and sounds great. the can its self is a megaphone shape. ie it goes from a narrow diametre to bigger diametre and was purchased from the local honda shop up here.

    my partners 250 has a muzzy can fitted. nice note also.
  5. Any idea on brand?
  6. I'm interested in finding out the brand too, maybe see if there's a supplier down here
  7. if you want to get a staintune, dont worry about getting someone to fit it, an old lady in a wheel chair could install it, all you need is a hack saw, allen keys and a couple of sockets. i did the job on my front lawn in about 5 mins. and they sound friggin nice.
  8. There are a couple of manufacturers.

    I have a carbon firbe Roo Racing pipe on mine.

    Definately sounds the goods and most people are suprised that it is a 250
  9. Yeah true but my biggest concern is the cost of the muff itself (Easy everybody....MUFFler), thats the real reason I'm shopping around.
  10. I have a mate who can do cans for ya for around the 250,300 dollar mark and they are the goods. Sound sweet and look great. Pm me if ya want a phone number or advice. Cheers Paul
  11. there is no brand on it. but i will contact glen at honda shop and ask him more and let you know. it works well. jsut need to freate a clamp for it and it jsut slips on.
  12. gidday i got a mega cycle pipe for my vtr 250
    sound like 750
    but i get a heap more mide range and top end and more talk as well
    hope this helps
  13. Just debaffle the stock exhaust.
  14. Madaz make a vtr250 pipe, bit cheaper than Staintune. mate of mine has one, looks great and sounds freakin awesome. Not super cheap tho.