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VTR side stand

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by happy.grl, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. The side stand on my VTR holds my bike pretty upright and being the paraniod girl that I am I am looking for a way to make it, well, safer.

    I thought of getting the stand bent so it is on more of an angle, but apparantly that's not the best idea, and Loz suggested getting it cut down.

    I was hoping that someone could suggest how to do this, or could point me in the direction of, say a welder, who could do it for me?

    Thanks heaps
  2. Not sure why Its holding it so upright, maybe its been bent before. Maybe try bending it or for $66 get a new one.
  3. My vtr stand also holds my bike pretty upright... with the front wheel turned in (as per usual) it doesn't seem that bad though....
  4. Keep in mind you dont want too much of a lean because if you ever have to park on a bit of a hill it might just tip the other way. Go down to a dealers and have a look at other VTRs and compare.
  5. I actually felt better about it being more 'upright' than another bike that had quite a lean whilst on its side stand ......... just a matter of being a little careful as to where you park the bike ie: don't have the side stand on an uphill slope.
  6. petertadhg - i have had a look at the stand and I don't think that it has been bent, and does seem to hold it at the same angle as other VTR's but still......

    My main issue (for the moment) is that where I park near work there is a tiny slope, and I have to turn the bike so that the rear wheel is to the curb - not only inconvenient, especially when there are pedestrians, or lots of bikes already parked, but makes my bike look, well, backwards :)

    Maybe I could learn to enjoy my non-confirmity, or maybe I could just wait till i've had the bike longer than 2 weeks to get used to it :?
  7. Dont do it, look at the CG of the bike on a side stand, if its leaned over even a little bit ther is no chance (other than some dick knocking it) of falling the other way, however if you cut the stand it could make it easier to tople right over the stand side (still unlikely).

    the more upright the LESS chance of the stand sinking in soft edges (more weight is on the wheels)

    on most trail bikes i've had (and mates) we've extended the side stand to make it more upright for the above reason.
  8. Unless it's been damaged previously, then it should be okay as is.

    Define a 'tiny slope' - depending on the angle and surface most bikes run the risk of slipping/moving. Butting the wheel against the gutter or leaving it in gear will help you there.

    I don't own a VTR but from what I've seen they 'stand' fairly upright anyway - you would not want too much of an angle on a muddy/unstable surface.
  9. If it's really more upright than the other VTR, check the size of the tyres fitted. If they they have a lower profile than the standard ones then the bike might be more upright on its side stand.
  10. If you're worried about it moving once its parked - leave it in gear (same principal as with cars) stops the wheels rolling. Just remember when you jump back on - except it won't go anyhows with the auto-kill unless the bikes in neutral :)
  11. It's currently sitting almost vertical, and I don't even think the rear preload's been brought all the way down (which can alter the ride height and make a side stand seem longer or shorter).

    It's not a safe or secure sidestand at the moment. The sidestand is bearing very little weight when the bike's parked on a flat surface.

    For a bike to sit securely it needs to be at a reasonable angle, otherwise a knock, a bump or even a strong gust of wind could send it over backwards.

    Not to mention how annoying it is trying to find surfaces with a slight incline to park on so the bike sits securely on the stand, and having to point it in inconvenient directions while parked just to make sure it doesn't fall over.

    It's different with dirt bikes, you can't rely on the surface you're parking them on, so you don't *want* much weight on the stand.
  12. I think I'll have a look around for a new stand - prolly easier than finding someone to cut it down, also less permanent and less likely for it to be stuffed up....

    thanks guys
  13. Make sure it is rotated fully underneath.
    sometimes the bolt may be a touch loose and the sidestand mount shifts so that it sits taller than it should.
  14. h-girl !
    The VTR stand is like that.
    I sometimes think mine is about to topple over on slight inclines. Just make sure you lean it right over and turn the handlebars to face the slant.