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VTR Reserve tank question...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by josh909, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. OK, so i'm heading home tonight down the freeway towards the harbour bridge when the engine starts to splutter... :?

    No big deal I think and switch it over to what I assume is reserve. Alas no luck and as the engine dies I coast into the emergency lane and set up camp.

    I've had this VTR for a couple of months and until now never had to go near the fuel tap. Upon inspecting it, it appears to be switched to 'on' despite the fact I have just switched it over...

    About 40 minutes and 4 km walk later, I fill her back up, definitely switch it to 'on' and off I go :D

    My question is this - is it possible that if the bike was on reserve when i got it, that it would have been fine until now seeing i have kept it pretty much topped up all the time?
  2. You should never leave your fuel in the on or reserve postion when the bike is not running. When you bought the bike it would have been in the reserve postion because they are not allowed to keep more than 2 or 3 litres of fuel I think in the tank for safety reasons, if you add up all the bikes in a store it would add up to a lot of fuel.

    The down position is on, the centre postition is off, and the up position is reserve. I have used reserve from the on postition a few times without problems.

    Just remember to switch the fuel to the off position every time the engine is switched off, that way you will get use too the position of the switch.
  3. Ummm .. why?
  4. I used to turn my fuel tap to off every time I put tjhe bike away. Ater a few weeks i asked myself why? No reason actually! Now I only turn it off when I'm going away somewhere for more than a week. Nothing drastic will happen if it stays "on" all the time.

    As for leaving it on reserve - umm, if you run out of fuel you WILL have to go walkies - as you found out the hard way......

    I find I get about 220kms out of 1 full tank before it splutters and I have to go to the reserve. No idea how many kms we get out of reserve cos the only time I ever had to switch, I fuelled up at the first available petrol station. Was too scared to go far cos had no idea when it would run out completely.

    My advice, leave it ON until you absolutely have to switch over.
  5. Jason this is the advice I was given every time I picked up my new bikes, they didn't exactly say why, but I was thinking along the same lines as a lawnmower. The CBRXX of course has not fuel tap so no advice given on that bike.

    Interesting if you don't have too turn it off, and I would trust your advice if it's a myth etc. :eek:
  6. i was told only to turn it off if i wasn't going to be riding for an extended period of time and seeing i ride everyday, it's stayed on.

    am i right in thinking that the reserve tank and the main tank are actually the same (i.e. not actually physically seperate tanks)?
  7. On our little bikes, yes, they are one and the same. Once the fuel gets toa certain low point, it becomes the reserve.

    Can anyone tell me how many kms I should expect out of hte reserve on the VTR250? Or how many litres it is?
  8. it's 2 litres :D
  9. I never bothered turning any of my bikes fuel off. Then one day I noticed a huge oil slick under the 650. Hmm thinks I, another bloody oil leak. Not unusual for a 25 year old jap bike copied off a 40 year old brit bike. So I whip out the dipstick to see how much oil is in it. None, nothing, nada. Funny, I thought 1.5 litres of new oil would leave a bigger mess. Anyhow* added some oil and went to kick her over. Locked solid. Poo thinks I, what's wrong now? Take out the sparkplugs to lighten the load and kicks over easy as, although there was a nice jet of fuel coming out the left plug hole. Seems over the week that it was sitting it had drained the fuel into the sump via the left cylinder. Thinned the oil out sufficiently to make it seep out everywhere. Thats why the dipstick read empty, I just couldn't see the oil/fuel mix on it.

    It doesn't happen everytime, only once so far. But enough of an inconvenience to remind me to always turn the fuel off.