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VTR Rebuilding carbys? Fixed!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by MR_PEA, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. recently I think that i over reved my 02' model VTR250, which caused the bike to surge at crusing speeds. like 4th gear at 80kms.
    I have taken the bike to a honda dealer shop to have them look it over.
    the bike is 95% better now but it still has the issue... it now is no where near as bad as it was a few days ago (almost un rideable) but it still surges at constant speeds.
    I took the bike back explaining what was going on so they had 2x of their guys ride it and come back with nothing wrong with it.

    however within 5 minutes of picking it up, I was able to fault the bike again...

    the guy suggested that the carbs may need to be rebuilt. if this continues..

    the shop changed the plugs, air filter and adjusted the carbs.

    can any one enlighten me on what i can do here..
    I would like to rebuild them myself if i could to minimize costs but the bike is my only form of transport at this stage..
  2. Hi mate,

    I don't think over revving would cause this kind of problem, & if the shop has retuned the carbs they shouldn't be out of balance either. Unless your slides/needles etc are very worn, in which case the shop should have told you they need to be replaced...

    What RPM do you do at 80klms? You may be bogging the engine down with too low an RPM.

    Edit: Does it go away if you roll on the throttle?
  3. How many ks? Under warrantee? Standard exhaust?

    It may be the carbies need and overhaul and a possible re-jet, but it depends the answers to the questions above.
  4. 30,000kms no warrenty, standard exhaust..

    with roll on throttle it gose fine...
  5. I reckon your RPM's are too low for the given speed, try riding one gear down & see how you go. If it goes away, you're right.

    Any one with a VTR care to comment?
  6. before last weekend i could pull at no matter what revs i had it at..

    to be in forth gear at 80kms, and to have it surging at that speed is most annoying.. even 5th at 100kms!

    I am not dreaming or on drugs, there is definitely something wrong with the bike..

    Ill call the place and get a quote for a carby rebuild...
    hopefully it wont cost too much...

    Just called them, the guy said that it would cost about 300odd to rebuild em... so i might just get them to do that...

    Has any one else had this issue?
  7. Check your chain and sprockets, especially the front one......

    When worn right down they can feel alot like surging on a small bike.
  8. chain and sprockets are new and I checked them today.
    the back wheel moves freely with minimal change in play over the span of the chain.

    unless the old chain and cogs wore out the gearbox output shaft? hmmm Ill have to check that...

    spoke to my car mechanic he reccons that it may be caused by a blocked or damaged needle or jet for the primary section of the carb..

    Im hoping that its the carb and nothing more sinister,,

    checked the front cog and it has minimal movement (less then 0.5mm)
    ill see where we are after the rebuild of the carbs..
  9. after having the guys at the shop put the bike on a dyno they discovered that the bike was running lean. so they just changed the jets in the bike for me at no extra cost...

    After that Im really happy to have my bike fixed and am impressed with the service that I got from the guys at Geoff taylors Honda/Yamaha Dealership in dandenong..

    Thanks for your input guys!
  10. Just to clear this up for anyone who might have a similar issue, there's no way 80km/h in 4th on a VTR250 is not revving the engine enough. Mind you, anyone with a VTR250 would probably be aware of that already, but there you go.