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vtr rear lights

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jecaspa, May 5, 2007.

  1. hey guys, can you change the rear light on the vtr 250 at all???

  2. Of course you can.
  3. got any hints on where to find stuff for vtr250s? I noticed on, for example, austreetfighter that pretty much everything cool comes for the bigger bikes but no mention of vtr250s. Are there specific places most people look for smaller bike stuff, or is there any hints around for stuff that fits on X bike also fits on a vtr250?
  4. what are you looking for emsie?
  5. *laugh* stuff :)

    you know when you wanna see your options before you decide what you might wanna do? I'd love to see more stuff than just screens cos you never know - a kickass 250 that stays with me forever might be a nice option :D
  6. get a pipe, change your sprockets for more acceleration around town, streetfighter headlight? New rearsets...

    alot of stuff exists in Japan for the VTR, just a matter of translating :? The bike's also known as the MC33!


    is a small forum comprised of VTR owners! There's quite a few people on there who have done things/are doing things to their VTR's! Join up
  7. Hi,
    does anyone know if there are wreckers or second-hand shops in melb that might have pipes to fit a VTR250?? I just bought a VTR as my first bike and love it but would love some more noise to let everyone know im there :)
  8. black and decker drill and a long drill bit :LOL:

    I just ordered a Neptune... couldn't find a second hand aftermarket pipe. Apparently you can get one custom made from around $300...