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vtr or spada

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mrgoof, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I'm looking at getting a bike and i was wondering which would be a better bike. I thought of these bikes because there v twins.

  2. they are the same motor. spada is cheaper due to age. so it's really a case of what you want to spend vs the look of the bike
  3. As above.

    Due to it's lower price, the spada ia little more 'expendable', useful sometimes for a learner.
  4. I reckon the spada looks much groovier too - and as they said its a fair bit cheaper. The VTR doesnt appear to have any extra notcable features either?
  5. Spada! (I'm biased, I picked mine up yesterday!)

    Spada's have a 6th gear, whereas the vtr's only got five. This allows the gear ratios to be spread out a bit.
    Also, the early VTR's (I think all of them before 06?) didn't have a tacho.

    Thats my opinion, however just shop around looking at both and you'll find the right bike, regarldess of wether it's a VTR or Spada!

  6. Spada's got the stronger frame, so less chance of doing any damage when you drop it.

    Most of the VTR parts are usable.
  7. Tacho and an extra gear for less that $4k V's more for a 2003+ model VTR. Never ridden a VTR, but have sat on the bosses, I find the Spada more comfy and I'm 175cm. Make sure you give a Spada a good look over before you buy (should with all bikes anyways). Good luck.
  8. despite sharing the same motor, the two bikes have fairly different seating positions. the spada has clip-ons and as such feels a lot more aggressive.

    my advice would be to buy, beg or borrow a seat on both and then make your decision...

    FWIW, in my opinion, they're both excellent learner bikes :)
  9. I look at a couple of Spadas before I got my VTR - which I'm more than happy with :) even for its age, my concern was the bikes had a heap more kms on them & it was suggested at the time often get thrashed alot harder?
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  11. Big Iain has clocked over 2 Spada's now.


    And his first Spada was still going strong after clocking it over, until a van ran it over :)
  12. I think VTR all the way. Spadas are all really old now. 2k more and you'll get a fairly new VTR. I love the honda knock off of the monster. Think the VTR looks like a bigger bike also.

    Depends what you like and how much money you have. I had some spare cash so didnt mind a few grand extra. And I wanted piece of mind with a newer bike. But engine wise, the same.
  13. Thanks guys i'll just basically see which i can afford