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vtr exhaust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jecaspa, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. hey guys how is everyone?? ok... wanting to get a better sound from my vtr 250 i've herd and like the sound of the neptune exhaust but i haven't herd the staintune one does anyone have any audio or vid of a vtr with a staintune exhaust there the only two i really know of cause i'm a noob any other exhaust suggestions for the vtr250 would b awsome thanks! also anyone know of a good place in brissy that i can go to for exhausts?

  2. staintune is a higher pitched, more "musical" tone...
  3. hmmmmmmmmmm musical yep thats wat my storm sounds like lol musicccccccc
  4. "favourite types of music: Classical, Dance, Electro, Trance, Endcan..."
  5. I emailed Neptune (NZ) for a VTR250 quote. they sent back 4 options ranging from $516 AUD for oval polished or brushed stainless up to $572 for a textured black chrome (carbon look). postage was $55 AUD.
    I was really impressed with the quick reply and options.
    lemme know what you get as im in the same boat
  6. neptune is a more budget priced can, but dont let that deter you, ihaveduff has the neptune and it sounds pretty sweet, i believe the staintune is about $200 more expensive
  7. I've got a megacycle and it suits me fine although it's not as loud or grunty as the staintune. Still sounds hot to me but :cool: :grin:
  8. i can vouch for the Neptune being fantastic. It's only budget because of the Aussie dollar being stronger than the Kiwi dollar :p

    i got the black textured chrome... looks hawt!! i'll post a pic up when i can be bothered getting them off my camera lol... Don't forget to ask for the restrictor (removable baffle thingy), the Neptune is LOUD!
  9. staintunes look and sound awesome, you pay for it but. maybe look into getting one custom made, ive been told that they can be as little as 300 bucks or so