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VTR Exhaust - Staintune have put prices up? WAY up!?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by JJ Sydney, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Spoke with Action MC, to get a Staintune exhaust.

    After hearing "ihaveduff"s VTR250 (R.I.P.) I wanted to go the Staintune system with baffel removed.

    Last time I quoted bout' 3 months ago it was just under $600 installed.

    Now they're saying Staintune have put all prices up 30% or more!!?? Thats like an extra $200 per exhaust - what THE!?

    Sounds too me like they're pricing themselves out of the market, what other options do I have? Yoshi? etc?

    Anyone heard one of the other brands on this bike?
    (Got an 07' vtr two fiddy')

    Loved the sound of the staintune, LOUD, + nice and throaty but still did'nt crackle at top rev.
  2. Just having a look at the Staintune website, the cost for the muffler including gst is 700, that does not include the fitting for the exhaust and the fact you have to cut the original off. Well according to the web site anyway
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  4. Let me give you guys a leg up

    who has bought anything stainless recently ie house hold goods sprting equip etc

    we have just copped a 35% increase in the base price of stainless ie 316

    yep its all about that growth in world wide demand for lovely bright shhinnnnny stainless steel

    Dont worry boys at the current way its going all ss exhausts will be full titanium pricing
  5. Stainless

    Cammo is on the money - check out Madaz.

    My bike came with a stainless Madaz hi-rise exhaust, the finish is spot on and the sound is awesome.

    Visit my garage pics for more on the exhaust
  6. I have a mate here in syd that does slip ons I think he ended up doing scrambles one for him. If ya wnat his number pm me and I will get it to ya.. Cheers Pil
  7. THANKS.

    Yeah the MadAz option looks ok.

    Will have to suss out who install etc. I'm thinking just buy it and take it to my car exhaust place, its like a 2min job.
  8. I asked the dealer about fitting a Staintune exhaust on the VTR I'd just bought off him and he said it wasn't worth it - and apart from the stainless side of things, it was a waste of money.

    Went the megacycle muffler instead. :cool: $500
  9. Brucey is right. We used to buy 316 SS where I used to work, we'd order around once a month. Every time we ordered, the price had gone up 5% here, 10% there.
    It seems China is sucking up all the SS (and other resources) and it's driving the price up, via there being a lack of supply. That's what the reps say anyway.
    Mind you, I've ALWAYS thought Staintunes very pricey.

    REgards, Andrew.
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    I'm taking a look at Neptune mufflers (based in NZ) for the VTR250. They sound good going off the video [media=youtube]xrBycoeFuIQ[/media]... I'm waiting on pricing information for their pipes.

    They use T-304 stainless steel. Is this a good grade of steel? or to be stayed well away from?
  11. I got the megacycle muffler put on the VTR today and it sounds absolutely XXX :cool: HOly crap! :LOL:
  12. Very helpful guys down at Megacycle - straight up and down too. Got them to fab up a baffle for my Leo Vince exhaust: cost me $20 and 3 days. Too easy. :)
  13. does just bolting on a performance muffler, really give much gain? i dont just want a great tone, id want a little more...
  14. Hey ihaveduff - that Neptune muffler sounds good...I can't really compare it to the megacycle muffler though as I've only heard the megacycle in action whilst on the actual bike - not having it pass me....sounds sweeet to me though!!! Love taking off on it - that's when you get the fun sounds... ;) :cool:

    I was told though that my megacycle sounded good without sounding obnoxious... :)
  15. $600 exhaust on disposable learner bike = waste of money.
  16. hmmm i just ordered a Neptune... will let you know how it goes!!

    You're going on the Eden trip aren't you Rosie? We can compare mufflers then :LOL:
  17. It's not always about the money Loz. $500 has heightened my fun on this bike....so $500 was totally worth it.

    ihaveduff - yep I reckon I'll be going, it depends on a few things though...be able to confirm in a few wks time :grin:
  18. Money well spent, you gotta be heard to be seen on the bloody road.
  19. ^ Hmm...maybe...I've been told this is another good reason to get one, but it depends on whether the driver is switched on/not playing loud music etc.

    Honestly, I got the exhaust for fun. :grin:
  20. mmmm loud pipes save lives...

    but that sound = gorgeous