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VTR blows over in strong winds

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Aaron, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Ok

    My vtr 250 has been blown over by the wind here in Adelaide on 3 seperate occasions.

    I acctually witnessed the two first blow overs.

    The last blow over had it land on a pole dent the tank and scrape the exhaust and a few other little bits. In the end $3500 insurance claim.

    One thousand dollars for a tank :shock:

    Any way the bike is mainly for commuting, I want to ride it to work/tafe but I dont want to deal with the drama of it falling on some one elses vehicle one day.

    Any soultion apart from buying a bike with a centrestand ?, I was thinking of carrying around a sand bag to lay accross the kick-stand.
  2. quite seriously, try and park it where it wont be exposed to such gusts of wind.
    easy for me to say though, no congestion around here :grin:

    a sand bag would be a nuisance to carry with you.....

    or chain it to a pole perhaps?
  3. $1000 for a tank? You got bent over and greased up.

    There are 2 on Ebay for $200 each.
  4. Blown over, how the hell does that happen, unless your parking your bike with to much of an upright lean to it.

    Maybe someone is pushing it over?
  5. Blown over by the wind??? where the hell are you parking? Ive been riding and parking in Adelaide for years and never had a bike Blow over yet, not just here but anywhere for that matter
  6. lol

    +1 ur not parking it right

    Now for something constructive

    maybe u could shorten/replace ur side stand with a shorter one. Giving it more lean angle hence more force needed to tip it over. Im sure someone here has a grinder and arc welder u could use
  7. Perhaps its had the wrong kick stand fitted, one that was too long?

    Thats some serious kick arse wind to blow over a bike :shock:

    Maybe it was Chuck Norris, he's rather quick you know, perhaps you didn't see him ;)
  8. do you lock the front wheel to the left? (toward the stand) thatll give you a little more lean. but yea.. it should take a cyclone to push a bike over.
  9. Actually, in a strong enough wind, a bike will easily blow over and it's not an entirely uncommon occurance. This is why I don't park on the corner in the CBD. Your bike is less prone to blowing over on the side stand rather than the centre stand. It also pays to have the bike facing into or with the wind. The only wind that can blow a bike off the stand is a cross wind, so try to avoid parking it side on to the wind direction. :)
  10. Must be some wind :shock: Where do you live Florida? :LOL: Must be something wrong with your stand or you are parking on a hill.
  11. +1 on this, mine went over off the centre stand. I now feel lucky mne inly cost me $700
  12. Must depend on the bike I guess as my bike was copping a very strong cross wind and did not even move…..was strong enough to lift one of the sheets on the roof too…
  13. where do you park in Adelaide?
    there's a car park that charges $2.50 in the city for bikes (I park there) and it's wind free.
  14. you could always find out what the wind is doing via a graph or standing outside and paying attention. once you know the direction park your bike so it's being pushed onto the sidestand rather than away from it.

    the next four days are southerlies as you can see, the wind direction is easy to note and is easy to work with. http://www.seabreeze.com.au/graphs/sa.asp

    (or you could buy a nice big bike that weights 200kg, then it isn't a problem.) :wink:
  15. +1 to not parking it properly. Kepp the front full lock towards the stand, and have it on an incline so the stand has pressure holding it down.

    +1 Also, to getting bent over and greased up on the cost of that tank. Way too expensive.

    Sucks about the falling over tho mate. :cry:
  16. +1 to not parking it right. But when you get info like this from bom.gov.au

    "Moderate north to northwesterly winds developing by
    morning then winds shifting southwest to southerly during the afternoon and
    freshening towards evening"

    you're probably screwed regardless :LOL:

    Did it fall on the same side all 3 times and in the same spot? If so, turn it the other way around. If not, you might need to look parking positions or getting your side-stand to stick out at a greater angle.

    Bummer about the bike. Hope it doesn't happen again.