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VTR 250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by James_Syd, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I have been doing some further research and have decided not to go for a CBR250RR and am swaying toward a VTR250, this is mainly because I find that the prices are inflated for the CBR's and considering they are fairly old now you can get a near new vtr250 for a little bit extra if not a similar price. I guess the other pro is that most reviews I have read recommend the vtr as a first bike.
    As I have not previously looked at the vtr250's, what is the average price for a second hand one and what do you think of a price I can expect from a dealer? I have looked on bikesales and found a few but I have nothing to compare to in terms of price as I have not been looking at them in particular over the last few months.
    Has anyone purchased one over the last year and if so what price, km's, private/dealer, etc? If you don't want to post it please PM me with details.


  2. About $6,000 should get you a good newish one (edit: I just looked at bikesales and the asking prices seem to have jumped up by about $500-$1,000 in the last year). A dealer will charge up to around $1,000 more for a similar bike.
  3. Spent $5000 on a good condition 2006 with 18,000km. Depending on mileage, you'l be looking to spend $4000-$6500 on a vtr250 less than 5 years old.
  4. Got myself a 2000 VTR for real cheap in great condition with only 8500 k's. The previous owner was a part time instructor so showed me everything I needed to know, real helpful.

    I too was looking at faired bikes like the cbr at first but ended up going with VTRs simply because I thought a newer engine would be more trusty.
  5. i wouldnt spend over $6k on a VTR. grab a bargain, these bikes are bullet proof, i'm proof of it :p wont make a difference if the pipe is scratched up, or the tank has a graze, cosmetic damage like that. sure everyone wants a pretty bike, but im over pretty after my 5th crash, and 4th VTR. im pretty sure i have the ugliest VTR in Oz right now, but it goes like the duck's nuts. just have a good look at bikesales, you should be able to work out what is a good price and what isnt by averaging it out. also, haggle. just coz they ask for $xxx doesnt mean you have to pay it. waving cash in their face often helps :grin:

  6. $4500 for a 06 17000 ks 12 mths rego, mint condition
  7. Just buy mine and be done with it all.
  8. I bought a 2007 VTR with 2,500ks a few months ago for $5,900. I was watching bikesales and bikepoint pretty much every day for a month. For a decent one which isn't too old or has too many ks I'd expect to pay about $5,000-$6,000. You might be able to pick up a really good bargain for something priced $4,500 if you're quick.
  9. VTR

    These prices for a second hand 250cc motorcycle just seem ridiculous. If you must have that particular bike, why not pay the extra $1000 - $2000 for a brand new one? Then you don't have to worry about what the last person has been feeding it & whether it barks at night.
  10. Maybe because they dont sell vtr's here anymore, bright spark
  11. Re: VTR

    I think they do have an 09 model, but I think its pushing the $9K mark. Someone correct me if I'm wrong?

    I got an 07 with 1,300 ks on it for around $6K from a dealer (Prohonda Rocklea, oh and by the way I'd never shop there again it was the worst experience of my life. The dishonest salesmen that is, I'm very happy with the bike).

    I've got it on bikesales at the moment for around the same, and comparitively to what else is going on there, I think mine is a pretty good deal? (Yeh maybe I'm biased :p )

    In my view, and having discussed this with people who have been buying and riding bikes much longer than I have, I think that if you're only getting it with a few thousand ks on it I think you can be confident that no matter what the first owner did to it it will not adversly affect its life span too much (particularly since you will be begging someone to take it/steal it/write it off after your restrictions are over.

    Other things to consider include:
    1. Realistically, the first few thousand ks will have been clocked up by a learner, so its not like its been revved to 13,000 rpm every gear change for those kms...probably the exact oposite.
    2. Late model bikes are fairly 'bullet proof' and some people say that you don't even need to run them in in the traditional sense. I know there are differing views on this so I don't want to start an argument. But in short this just reinforces point number 1 above.
    3. If you buy new, you will definately lose several thousand dollars on it when you sell. If you buy used (and don't get ripped off) you will sell it for pretty much what you paid (subject to how many clicks you put on it). And remember that every dollar you go backwards on the 250 is a dollar you don't have for a bigger bike in 8760 hours time (not that you're counting :roll: )?

    My two cents.
  12. Yes the new models are out $8500 plus on road costs is the price I was given.
    I like the look of them but to pricey.
  13. The new models have fuel injection don't they?

    If a fairinged sports bike was the original desire, then you're definitely moving away from that by going for a VTR.

    But there's no two ways about it, the VTR is a capable bike... then again so is the new ninja 250...
  14. Your right I was looking at a sports bike, however I can't justify spending the same money on an old CBR as opposed to a bike thats near enough to new. I guess at the end of the day I will be keeping the bike until I can legally upgrade anyway and then I'll look at a sports bike. From what people have said about the VTR I think it will be better for a complete novice like me than a CBR.

  15. Unfortunately, that's the ballpark of new 250s these days. I was in PS the other day and the new GT250R (fuel injected) had a sticker of $8,990 + ORC on it. I couldn't believe it (based on preceding reputation only). Only 10 months ago, a new one (carby back then) was $7,100 on the road.

    The new Ninja 250R (carby) is $8,000-$8,500 on the road. Kawasaki will probably bring in the FI model soon to keep up and that'll probably push the price to around $9,000 on the road. It all seems to be getting out of control.

    Based on the above, Honda's pricing for the new VTR250 is around about what the market will pay.

    There's only the option of about 6 new road bikes in the 250cc category so that explains the high prices. If you take the entire LAMS list then there's not all that many new road bikes out there with two or more cylinders and their on-road prices generally exceed $10,000.
  16. 2005 matte black 11,000kms, 12k service done, w/ megacycle exhaust for about $6k, Jan this year

    I probably could have looked around a bit more, and waited for a cheaper bike... but I wanted to start riding asap, I didn't mind paying a bit extra for a hot looking bike with a sweet sounding 'zorst. They are ultra-reliable, only problem I have with the bike is that it doesn't wash itself... :grin:
  17. VTR

    Why do you prefer the VTR 250 over the Suzuki GS500? Is it the 250's lighter weight?
  18. bad time for selling. Tax and winter. My ads been up for 7 days and i've had two genuine enquries, one a dealer offering to sell on commission
  19. tax is good. i'm getting around $3k back this year, which is going towards my next VTR... i mean upgrade :grin: