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VTR 250 wont start

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by insipid, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. hey, i got a VTR 250, and somehow, it just cant seem to start up now (and the guy at peter stevens says that it is rare) what could be the possible problem?

  2. What is It doing exactly?
  3. These bikes have got to be one of the most bulletproof roadbikes ever made.

    Does it have fuel in it and the fuel tap turned on?
  4. yup, so said the service guy @ honda as well. the fuel tap is on, and the bike definately has both petrol, and engine oil in it.

    when i press the ignition switch, it just has the clicking sound, and the engine just wont come to life. any other suggestions to what the problem might be?
  5. *Removed because I had a brain fade*.

    Refer to Pete's post below.
  6. Sounds like a classic case of flat battery to me. Might have to give it a push start.

  7. managed to pull out all of the blade fuses, but all of them seem intact (cos i duno which is the one that is responsible for this non-responsiveness in the bike).... well, the metal (as shown in the pic) in the blade fuse are all like the one seen in the pic...
  8. Actually Pete is right, I had a brain fade. If the clicking noise is coming from under the seat it is a flat battery.
  9. ok, i know this sounds like an utter noob, but how do u give a push start? and issit possible to actually replace the battery by myself?

    (PS: doesnt help that im a girl that knows the bare minimum to keeping the bike in good condition, but when it comes to maintenance, im clueless)
  10. to haggismaen: brainfade. hahahaa.. u crack me up. but thanks for teaching me one more thing about bikes today! :] it was worth the effort. :]
  11. For push starting I advise using a gentle slope of some kind, that way you can actually sit on the bike and be much more in control. If not you will have to push it along standing up, not so good if you are not confident of your strength to control it.

    Essentially to push start the VTR you do this:
    - Turn the bike on, and put the ignition switch to on.
    - Place the bike in second gear (you may need to move it forward a little bit to do this from stand still).
    - Pull the clutch in and start pushing or rolling the bike.
    - When you get a bit of speed let the clutch out while pressing the ignition button, the bike should come to life if you did it right.
    - Pull the clutch in so it doesn't stall, hop on it if you were pushing it, put it into neutral and feed it some revs. Then take it for a good long ride to recharge the battery.

    Be careful that the bike doesn't get away from you when you press the ignition button, be especially careful if you have to give the bike some throttle to get it started (like I had to do with mine, the bike just surges ahead). That's why it's better to use a slop.

    Replacing the battery is very easy if you need to do it, and you may if it no longer holds a charge (which can happen if it drained completely too many times). Go to a bike store and get a 12 volt 6 amp battery (Yuasa is the
    brand that comes with the bike, but you should be able to get a much cheaper battery that is exactly the same).

    Then just take off the seat, undo the rubber strap that holds the battery in, grab a phillips head screw driver and take off the screw holding the NEGATIVE lead first and remove the lead (the one with a - on it, or on the VTR generally the one without the red rubber cap on it) then do the same for the positive lead. Take the battery out and put the new one in. Then attach the POSITIVE lead first, screw it in, followed by the negative lead.

    Done and done.
  12. Hhhhmmm, is the kill switch on? Yes, the red switch on the right handle bar, it should be off. :p
  13. Nah I don't think she'll get the clickety click noise if the kill switch is activated. Sounds more like a dead battery.
    I have acharger you could borrow if you're not too confident in roll starting. :grin:
  14. Sorry mate but it will clickety click (as far as I can remember my experience with the big red switch).
    You can also roll start to all your might but it will never gonna crank with the kill switch on. :cool:
  15. hmmm maybe it's different on my hornet, i get nadda when the kill switch is on. lights are active, everything looks normal. but no clickety click. not even a sputter sputter.

    insipid: do your lights come on? how long has it been since you last rode it?
  16. now you are making me re-think my forgettable encounter with the big red switch :oops:
  17. yup, when the kill switch is actually on, there is no sound at all. just pin drop silence. and i last rode it.. last week.. on a wednesday (and found out i cant switch it on on a sunday).

    Good news is that, my friend managed to help me push start it. bad news is that, after 10 mins of switching it off tho i gave it a ride, i cant switch it on again! frustrating! but i got the battery out, and m going to the shop tomorrow to see if it is actually flat... thanks u guys for all the help! now i have learnt a new thing: to take the battery out! :) one more point to bike maintenance knowledge! :grin: