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"VTR 250" - what are they like???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rida168, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. I will be soon be going for my 250 license and I am in the process of looking for a bike. I love the look of the VTR 250 but I am unsure of the performance and reliability. Does anyone have any thoughts on this bike and have you ever had any problems? Also I do prefer the look of a naked street bike but there arnt many 250's like this. Can anyone suggest an alternative bike?


  2. You are on an absolute winner with the VTR250 there Luke. It's a Honda so reliability isn't a prob. It handles brilliantly and will keep you happy through out you learner period and beyond. I just love getting the chance to ride one of these. They are sooooooo much fun. The V-Twin motor gives suprisingly good pick up for a 250. I ride a VTR1000 but still love giving the 250 version a good punt when I get the chance. There are many happy campers here which you will surely hear from soon. Good luck shopping and enjoy your riding mate..

  3. I've had my '00 model for about a week. I've had no previous experience of bikes so it is hard to compare to anything except the CB250 I did my beginners course on. In my opinion, the VTR is much better the CB250. Like you say, they look great and I really like the better performance. Seems to have enough to get you going and not quite enough to get you in easy trouble. I went for the VTR because I wanted it to still be interesting in a year's time, at least until I'm off the 250cc restriction in SA. I had read on the net that some 250s become a little boring after 3 or 4 months, but in that respect the VTR was a good buy.

    Not sure about reliability, but the only thing I have heard of, and seen, is the gear change into and out of neutral can play around a bit. There are threads about his active at the moment. Nothing major, just something to get used to. Also, VTRs more than 3 or 4 years old lack a tacho. Mine only has a speedo. I have been timing my gear changes based on engine note so while I haven't missed it too much, it would be handy when you are riding right next to an accelerating bus and you can't hear a bloody thing. The current models, and going back a few years, have a tacho as well.

    Also, the VTR has NO starage space. The little bit it does have under the seat is only just big enough to fit the supplied toolkit and the owners manual. Whereas something like the GPX has room for a helmet.

    All in all, I have been very happy so far.
  4. I originally had a go on these when MTA had five or six 2000 models. The instructor there at the time raved about them, he thought that they would go better with an after market pipe. No several mates that have got one or had one. This is what I found out and my own impression
    i) Reliable
    ii) Really easy to start
    iii) Quite a high riding position, even for me at 185cm tall
    iv) Handle well, even in the wet
    v) Very responsive being a v-twin
    vi) Low rev torquey
    vii) Finicky on the throttle - nature of the beast being a v-twin
    viii) Easy to get moving
    ix) Gives the impression that you are sitting on a bigger bike
    x) Fun

    I loved them when I rode them. Thought about getting one, only problem that I had is couldn't afford one as they retain their value, not uncommon to find one two/three years old only $1-2K off retail price.
  5. I think it has the old Spada engine. It had a reputation for being reliable and revvy.

    Maybe do a search on these to get an idea of long term reliabilty and maybe some reviews.
  6. The VTR250 is a fantastic bike, you would most likely be very happy with it as your first bike. However they can be a little pricey and there are alternative naked 250's.

    I can't give you much technical information about any of them, but I rode a Yamaha Zeal for my learners and had a ball. It was quick and nimble and I had no trouble keeping up with everyone through the twisties once I was confident enough to do so :D

    The others you could look at are the Honda Spada, the Suzuki Bandit, the Kawasaki Balius all of them are good looking naked 250 that I have known friends to ride and enjoy :D

    Have fun!! :D:D
  7. I found my VTR to be great bike. Put 25000kms on it in 12 months and never had any mechanical issues.

    I put a staintune exhaust on mine and it made bugger all difference to the performance but still thought it money well spent thanks to the vastly improved sound coming out the end of it.
  8. Great bike! I have had one since mid December and I love it. I can't really speak about technical issues cause mine is new and I would hope there was no problems. They are a bit pricey, but you get your money's worth out of them. If you are tall they are also a great option as they have a decent seat height.

  9. I learnt on a VTR250 at the MTA just over 3 years ago. It was the 1st 250 (or motorbike for that matter) that I had ever ridden so I didn't have anything to compare it to. I found it to be an easy bike to ride, reliable and small enough to learn on. But I wanted a bike that "looked" bigger so when I saw an Across at Performance bikes in Elizabeth st and the sales guy showed me the boot, I made the easy decision.
    Overall, I think they are a great little bike and I know a few people who ride them and haven't heard any negative vibes from them. :)
    Good luck with your choice.
  10. bandits the pick of the bunch i reckon. the older spada is apparently faster than the VTR and the bandit was in another class to the spada. i spose it depends on your size tho, the vtr and spada are apparently very good for the smaller ppls but i couldn't have handled sitting on either for too long. bandits a fair whack bigger, no heavier, better top end and heaps cheaper.

    i only say the bandits the pick tho cos i like the way it looks. balius and zeal are VERY similar and i'd assume the hornet is too but i never had much of a look at them cos of the price.
  11. Keep in mind that while the VTR is still being sold new many of the other naked bikes available such as the Spada, Balius etc are grey imports which are all more than 10 years old despite their low mileages and what their compliance dates may say. A 2 or 3 year old Australian delivered VTR may be a better buy in terms of reliabilty if it has only had one owner and has been properly run-in and maintained. Reliabilty of grey imports is still fairly good though things such as electrical connections can be showing their age and may give trouble.

    The bandit is not a bad choice, with both Australian delivered and grey imports being available. Grey import Katanas are another option, essentially the same engine as the import bandits but with a sportier riding position and the benefit of a windscreen. I also reckon they look a lot better than the bandit though they're hard to find out here since they're still popular in Japan.
  12. What can I say.....? You will not go wrong with the VTR250! I have had mine for nearly 5 months, and love the little beast!

    I have mainly done short rides, but yesterday took it for a thrashing to Healesville and through the Dandenong Ranges (VIC). The bike handled really well, and had no trouble with the hills. Nothing wrong with the power or handling of the VTR250!

    Check out this thread in the Bike Reviews section as well.


    I could go on forever about my little bike, but hey - we don't have that much time :wink:

    Good luck with it all. Let us know what you get!
  13. My respect for this bike went up several notches this weekend after being passed by one at Superbike school. Even straight line against a 1 litre bike seemed a lot better than I remember than my 250 doing. Would love to try one out one day!
  15. There are a number of places that deal mainly in grey imports though I don't know if there are any in WA. If you grab a copy of Motorcycle Trader or a similar mag you'll see their ads and the range available but beware - many of them will advertise bikes based on their compliance date, not their build date. Many of these imports are often then onsold by other dealers or privately when people move up to a bigger bike so they can show up anywhere. You can check out what's available as an import at the sumoto website (http://www.sumoto.com.au) though I wouldn't recommend buying from them - their prices are high and I've heard service is very suspect.
  16. I'm a fairing person myself, but I take the exception for the VTR250. It's a friggen beautiful bike. Very stylish and modern. I really like the frame design and just the way the engine block looks against the rest of the bike. I know nothing about its technical specs, but everytime I see the VTR250 next to my ZZR250 at the parking lot, I feel really bad that I didn't save more money to get the vtr.
  17. People! Why must I repeat myself so often? The Honda VTR250 is the absolutest bestest bike!!!!!

    I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve it! I have a very unatural attraction to my bike. It now has a new rack too. :twisted:

    (Nike do...., so why not you?)

    I might even go give Squall (Baby Storm) a kiss goodnight! Hope he plays nice with his new rack and doesn't over excite himself! :p
  18. nuph said? Have you bought one yet?

    No. Ok. IMHO they are the best 250 out there for noobs.
    I have ridden them all, nothing comes close.

    If you want more stellar performance then you might consider one
    of the more buzzy bikes like the ZZR CBRR or gawd forbid:
    The A... The Accccc.... The Accccccr-r-r-r-r...... oh man i just can't say it.

    You know, that 6 letter swear word beginning with A and rhymes with toss.
  19. Just had a thought..... My BabyStorm is out there with a FireStorm. Hope the big black one doesn't try to mono the little red one! Maybe I should go separate them.....
  20. Will depend on how big the rack is :wink: