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VTR 250 up in smoke

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ducati_davidson, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Hay all, yesterday i went out to the shed to start up my bike and realised i had no electrics !!, i tested the battery and it was full of charge but i found the 30A main fuse blown, So i replaced it and the bike came to life again for about 20 sec.

    Then the fun started, there was this bad burning electrical smell and a puff of smoke rising up from under the seat and then all the electrics died and the engine cut :cry:

    Thankfully for my vtr 250 manual i found on netrider, i was able to localise the problem to a failed regulator\rectifier unit.

    In the short time the bike was running, this unit got bloody hot.

    It was really random for it to go as the bike had been sitting in the shed for a week.

    Lucklly when i bought the bike from team moto i got the 3 month warranty with it, as now there sending out there ute to come and pick it up to fix it, so i'm happy about that and there service..

    It was just a bummer as i hadn't had a chance to ride the bike all week and the weather was perfect this weekend and the bike packs it in :cry:

    Has anybody else had problems like this with there VTR 250's ?
    Or am i the minority ?
  2. its a honda.
    the reg/rect is a common issue for hondas supposedly.
    i havent had a problem with it myself.
  3. You will. Only a matter of time. Not if but when :)
  4. this is the failed regulator in question

    sad times :cry: :cry: :cry:
    My bikes sitting sick in the shed
  5. I'm in the same boat as Nib's... 2 Honda's, no failure, yet... I'm hoping i can get away without having to replace one... is there an aftermarket option that has a higher tolerance or something?
  6. I believe there's aftermarket finned units that dissipate heat better?

    Worrying anyway. Oh well.

    Electricity is a fun thing eh.
  7. There is a guide somewhere on google for replacing the VTR 1000 regulator/rectfier with the unit from an R1 that has a heaps better record, and bigger fins etc.

    Could be worth looking to see if its the same rating as the one on your 250, or whether the yamaha 250 version would do a better job.

    Honda regulators, and lucas the prince of darkness. Who would have guessed they were in cahoots.
  8. :LOL:

    "Lucas, the Prince of Darkness"

    That's gold!
  9. Over 15 years of honda, and never had an issue with reg/rec.

    Know plenty who have though, :LOL:
  10. You blokes obviously haven't done enough km's on them. Garage queens eh? I thought I also was immune -but both my Hondas fried at about 75,000. As I said -not if, but when :LOL:
  11. So i should buy a spare and keep it in the boot eh?

    Well I might have to see how much they are, probably a mint worth... :roll:
  12. :nail:
    Super Action Man... :roll:
  13. There's your problem. If you let the smoke out of an electrical problem it doesn't work. You need this:

  14. 95000 on mine and no probs :p :p

    *touch wood* :LOL:
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  16. Well I've read that an R1 replacement would be the way to go, much better cooling apparently... pity, as I didn't want to 'infect' my bike ;)
  17. Whereabouts? straight swap?
  18. Instructions are here: Linky

    And he also describes why in another article. :)