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vtr 250 tool kit?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by joël, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. hey,

    i didnt get one of these with my bike and i was woundering if someone who owns a vtr250 could tell me what is in the kit, so i can scrounge together my own one :wink: .

    thanks heaps, gonna ride my MOTORbike to school now... :D

  2. I know it isn't the same bike but in the Owner's manual for my CBR there is a list of tools in the maintenance section. As it is the same maker it would be likely that the VTR manual has the same list.
    If you don't have the manual check out the thread by Spudgun listing most manuals to be found online.
    Let me know if you are still having trouble and I will send you a list of mine. Might even be able to get you some of the more unusual tools if I can just find them from when I had the CBR250.
  3. Exactly the same one for my Spada :wink:
  4. Quite often you can buy bike tool kits from motorcycle wreckers at reasonable costs.

    That may be worth a try.
  5. hey thanks thats cool, i was thinking just to put maby a small + large shifter and a screw driver in. i should be able to do most of the things still shouldnt i? although whats on the to of the pic? breaker bar??? and on the left is that a spark plug remover?

    thnks for the replies all
  6. Sorry for not getting back earlier. Been a tad busy in life and forgot to check this :wink:

    Just doing some research I found from http://www.angelar.com/~jeremy/vtr/

    I guess the '$29' leatherman the guy is talking about is from http://www.leatherman.com

    I'm still waiting for someone to kindly let us know what exactly the tools you asked about are myself :oops: