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VTR 250 tail mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jayesse, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Started hacking away on my relatively new (to me) VTR this week to change the lights to LED units.

    With a mild tail chop the result so far is this:


    The wiring is now sorted and I have the LED indicators up front too. Only problem now is getting all the indicators to flash at an appropriate speed. I have a new relay on the way which has hampered proceedings a bit and I have had to remove the fuel tank as well....

    Soon, the finished product will be revealed!
  2. wow that looks sweet and verry professional, well done
  3. nice work. have to get my mate onto his
  4. if anyone likes the shape of the lights the OP has put on, but cant be stuffed fiddling with timing, i have a set of four indicators in the same shape, but with normal globes (no timing stuff required). photobucket is down, so i cant put up pics. look good, but they werent really to my taste, they might be to yours! paid $80, sell for $60. one of them is cut flat underneath to fit the front mounting bracket, and two have pretinned wires, rather than the useless clips. will pre-tin all four if required. pm for details.
  5. That looks killer jayesse! If you cant find anything yourself to slow the flashing down, go talk to the people at Jaycar, they can help you with a resiter that can be put inline with the blinkers wiring. Keep us updated and post some more pic's.
  6. I went to Jaycar at North Parramatta and they were beyond useless...they just kept trying to find my something to replace the OEM one, then one girl started going on about how I need a capacitor not a resistor...

    I left.....

    Ended up buying a replacement electronic relay from ausstreetfighter - . It kinda works, but not quite at the moment so still needds a bit of playing around with.

    I'm just glad to have the bike together. It's been a long 2 weeks.
  7. I have an auto eletrical mate who can give me the details for a inline resistor and even make one if you really want them to work right?
    The store at Tarron Point is great, them guys are huge nerds and know just about everything that runs a current through!