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VTR 250 start problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Eatsleepriderepeat, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Just registered and this will be my first post to the site! Finally made the peap and decided to buy my first bike a vtr 250 however now im having some trouble with it.

    After I first purchased the bike it was starting and running fine no troubles started first time everytime I started it. Left bike for 2 days and came back tobstart it and couldn't. Starter was turning but thats it, I went out and bought a charger. Charged the bike and it started fine this continued for about 2 days before once again bike wouldn't start even with charging. Decided to bump start my bike for the first time by rolling it down a hill first attempt was unsuccsessfull second was succsessfull. However upon starting revs were extremely low sounding as well as having no response from the throttle after 5 - 10seconds the throttle responded however once i tried to let idle bike would die. However i was able to start the bike like normallish after this occurence. I rode it around a little but as soon as the revs got too low it would die (previous to this when this happened a few days earlier i simply ran the bike for 15mins then it would idle fine) i adjusted the idle so it was slightly higher and able to keep the bike idling fine. Later that night 3 - 4hrs laster i attempted to start the bike again same situation as earlier revs were low and throttle made no response for 5 - 10 seconds. After this 5 - 10 seconds the revs then fluctuated without any input to the throttle before settling back down to idle. Next morning once again bike wouldn't start despite charging. Left bike rest of that day. Today (Monday) I tried charging etc no luck, bike still turning over but not firing. Replaced battery with a better quality new one still no luck attempted to bump start after replacement of new battery 4 attempts rolling down hill got bike to 20km/hr and then tried. Each time Bike would fire with revs extremly low and no response from the throttle before simply dying.

    I have little experience with motorbikes but im not stupid and would like to attempt to fix the problem before having to take it to a mechanic. Any suggestions on what my next course of action should be.

    Additional info air filter is due for replacing, when bike was purchased not too long ago, carby was cleaned and spark plugs were replaced and oil changed. There was no debris or shavings in the oil when it was changed. After bump starting the bike for the forst time the other day upon statting and revving the engine the bike would periodically backfire.

    Cheers for the help in advance, id like to actually ride my bike seeing as it's my first bike and i haven't really had the chance to ride it!
  2. I'll just list a few things here to remove all doubt and get up to speed with how intimate you are with bikes and motors:

    - Are you using the choke lever (and are you pushing it far enough)?
    - Are you sure the choke is working (there should be decent resistance only towards the rider side of the lever travel)?
    - Are you giving it a quick squirt while cranking?
    - Is it harder to start when the weather is cold at time of starting?

    The backfiring could be due to unburnt petrol igniting in the exhaust, did this happen while trying to start/bump it?

    Idle on the VTR250s should be in the 1300ish RPM range after giving it 10 mins to warm up.
  3. Welcome EatsleepriderepeatEatsleepriderepeat Harb has some good points on the use of the choke so give us some information on your procedure in starting. It is unlikely to be battery considering you have replaced it, regulator and alternator are still a possibility. Do you have a multimeter?

    When you get a chance can you start an introduction thread in the Welcome Lounge? It is a custom on the site to introduce yourself there first up.
  4. Hondas do tend to run rich and when the weather gets warm their choke behaviour can get a bit odd. Check if your bike has a half choke setting. You may be over chocking for this time of year.

    Failing that, it reads like it needs a good service. Replace the plugs, give the carbies a good service. Replace the vacuum lines (it's not worth mucking arond with them) and make sure the fuel lines are well clamped. Set the idle mixture screws and idle speed and sync.
  5. Get a can of WD40 and spray around the intakes manifolds and see if the rev's change.
    Had similar symptoms with my previous bike and turned out to be an air leak after the carbie
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I will be sure to make an introduction after I finish work today! Have tried various settings on the choke and it is i deed working, none seem to aid in starting the bike, have been applying throttle whilst cranking as well! Im picking up a multimeter today afterwork most likely. Weather has been fairly warm when ive tried to start bike, definetly haven't tried to start the bike at all when its been cold! Me and my mate were going to have a look at the sparkplugs tonight seeing as they are new.

    Thanks for the help so far!