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VTR 250 Seat Comfort

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mizz ZZR, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Hey are there any VTR 250 riders who experience the "my ass is so numb I have to get off and walk around for a bit" feeling"? This is just before it turns into pain....

    I love my new little bike, but after an hour or so, its time to get off for a stretch. Are these little rockets not supposed to do distances or what?

    I'm considering either a sheepskin or an upholsterer to soften it up a bit.
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  4. Unless the seat on your VTR is unusually firmer than most, I'd suggest more saddle time. You need to condition yourself which means having to put up with aches & pains for a while.
    Sorry ... no easy answer
  5. might not have heaps to do with it, but someone on here gave me the advice of squeezing the tank more with your legs so that you don't have to hold on so hard with your hands to the bars (and also then you're not just plonked on the seat with your butt absorbing every bump)
  6. I've ridden around for 2hr's plus from Sydney to Nowra without a sore bum. Maybe just more time riding will help.
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    Just passing it on as it was passed to me. :grin:
  8. Saw arse? Nah for me Its the knee, rode about 40mins today non stop (only had bike for 2 days, this is a long ride for me haha) and I get a sore right knee from being up on the peg. Stupid bungness haha.....
  9. I've done several 4+ hour trips on my VTR250 and never had a problem with the seat. Maybe it is just a matter of riding more and longer distance. My seat is quite comfortable.
  10. make sure you don't leave your wallet in your back pocket. I did that once and my right leg started to cramp up half way through the putty. It wasn't fun.
  11. ive ridden 10 hour days on the bike, with short stops in between. heading up to sydney, a fun way.
    the only thing sore, was me in general.

    long days in the twisties, i get sore knees after 400-500km+.

    only ever has my bum become sore, from loooong boring straight roads, for hours on end. never numb though. you need to find some better roads :wink:

    but im with others, give it a bit more time to get used to the riding position, but AFAIC the VTR is the most comfortable bike i have ever sat on. try a cbr250rrrrr. their "seats" are like a slab of concrete with vinyl covering it.
  12. I haven't found the seat to be too bad on mine. Then again, I come with extra padding myself, so I might be cheating!

    On a long ride first my foot starts to go to sleep, and then my knee locks up. When you can't feel your foot depressing the brake you know it's time to stop for a smoko and a stretch!
  13. Make up for it by having a softer ass
  14. Quit slamming the celery sticks and put some meat on them bones girl!

    Sheepskin doesn't sound like a half bad idea though....now why did I never think of that!
  15. well I don't have huge butt cheaks, and have never found my vtr uncomfortable. In fact, surely it's one of the more comfy seats around at the mo? It's very padded!!!! Probably just something you'll have to get used to, when your body is more used to riding the bike. It's a bit like a work out.
  16. Yeah, you do get more used to it as time passes, but I did 10thou ish K's on my VTR, and long stints (1.5hour plus) would still leave me sore.

    Gripping more with your knees helps, and is generally good technique anyway. And it's worse if you are on boring roads rather than shifting your weight to get through some nice twisties.

    How long do you plan on keeping it? The answer to that question will determine if it's worth your dollars to replace the seat.
  17. ah really?

    See if I do long stints, my back will ache but not me bum. I spose everyone is different eh? Makes it tricky to choose a bike to upgrade too.

    Anyway, hope you sort it out :)
  18. I stand up on the pegs to relieve numbness :wink:
  19. Funnily enough my wife, who also doesn't do long stints on the VTR, also complained about a sore back for some time. But when she learnt to relax more, that problem disappeared.

    Maybe it is something as simple as your riding posture?