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VTR 250 rider height

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kyan, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. I'm about 6'1 - 185cm. I am looking at a buying a Honda vtr250. Any other members out there of a similar height to me and have this bike? How small do you find it?

  2. I'm 5'7 and I find it small - not tiny and cramped but I'm much more comfy on my hornet.
  3. I'm around 6' and find it fine. Ride daily. Have you taken one for a spin?

  4. you'll probably find it alittle cramped, there not that many options for tall people on the 250 range, except maybe the gt250r hyosung, cbr250rr is really small for me, i feel like a clown sitting on it some days.
  5. Unfortunately i dont get my licence until early jan so I can't take for a spin and by the time that comes around i will need to buy the bike URGENTLY. So iam trying to do as much research now as i can.

    I will have my open licence but I really like the vtr250....
  6. is the cb600 hornet much bigger? how does this bike compare to the vtr250? obvioulsy more power but in general is the bike as good?
  7. in terms of what? as in to learn on? as in a quality of bike?

    The hornet 250 is definitely a better bike in terms of style ( I'm biased) build quality and parts.

    Now hornet 600 well there's no point in comparing it with the VTR - it has the same frame as the hornet 250, and will suit your height much better, unless you have a really odd shape... as already mentioned all the bits feel like a much better build quality.

    I think they stopped making the hornet 600 for a while maybe 2002 was the last year until the new one which came out this year. Being a 600 it's less likely to have been crashed, mistreated as a learner bike would have. So to answer your questions... is it much bigger... yes, probably a good thing given your size. is it as good... I'd have to heaps better.
  8. And I'm 5'10" and the VTR250 certainly does not seem small. I also ride a Moto Guzzi 650 for comparison...

    Then again I have been pillioning my wife on our NSR150 as well, so maybe I am weird?? ;-)


    Trevor G
  9. yes, is the cb600 hornet as good in terms of build quality, rideability, reliability.
  10. Assume you take 2 bikes from the same year '0 VTR and '02 hornet:
    build quality yes (just some of the finer touches like pedals and shifter feel a lot more solid under foot)
    ride-ability yes (I think so, I like the inline 4 engine better than Vtwin, although for a learner some people say the torquey twin makes roll on easier), keep in mind the 600 will be a tad heavier than either of the 250's
    reliability yes but really depends on the previous owner how well they took care of the bike.