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VTR 250 question...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by josh909, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Stereohead made me all paranoid in thinking that my bike had been dropped and then picked up so i went and checked and there's no damage.

    However whilst poring over my baby i noticed that on the right hand side that there appears to be an overflow tube (that I've never noticed before) coming out of the top of the engine that sits tucked behind the frame. can someone confirm that this is in fact an overflow tube and that i am in fact completely unobservant. :LOL:

    it doesn't appear to have a clamp mark at the unjoined end but just want to make sure...

    thanks :)
  2. Nothing to worry about dude, the lower end isn't meant to be connected to anything, wondered the same thing when I saw it on my vtr, it's a breather tube if I remember correctly.
  3. The top of what exactly?
    Often there's a breather tube connected to the rocker cover, to allow high oil-pressure to vent...in most cases that leads back into the airbox though...it could also be the overflow tube of the coolant-tank, or a gearbox breather....
  4. Just took a look at mine and i can see the one you mean. It goes up behind the frame, under the tank and then back down onto the carbie.

    Makes sense..... it is the carbie breather pipe.