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Vtr 250 Or Cb 400 - Cornering

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bsaac, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    As per the title I’m after people’s opinions on the handling characteristics between the VTR 250 and the CB 400.

    I currently have a VTR 250 and I love the way it handles in the twisties and how easy it shifts from one side to the other however I find that some times I like a bit more grunt.

    However my primary interest is the cornering abilities of the bikes and would only consider getting the CB if it at least matches the abilities of the VTR.

    So any information would be great!
  2. I've ridden a couple of VTR250s and I owned a CB400 for a couple of years. I'd say the CB400 is at least as good at cornering, and in some cases better than the VTR250. The CB400 is heavier, but the weight is largely low down, which makes it feel very stable and comfortable in the corners. For slow maneuvering, like in car parks or heavy traffic, the CB400 is practically unbeatable. You can turn a full circle at idle in first gear in less than the width of two car parks side-by-side. I never took the CB400 on the track, but cornering on the Yarra Boulevard and Mountain Highway lead me to believe that it performs just as well at road speeds. And it definitely has more grunt than the VTR250.

    That being said, is there any reason for limiting yourself to the CB400? If you aren't on restrictions you might want to consider other bikes that have excellent handling and a handful of grunt. (And if you are on restrictions, it might be worth hanging on to the VTR250 for a bit longer and then doing the upgrade in one hit rather than asking yourself the same question about the CB400 and another bike in a year or two.)
  3. Try changing down a gear. :p

    Otherwise it's a waste of money to be changing bikes part-way through your restrictions hoping for some massive improvement in performance. Wait till you can buy something not inhibited by a capacity or power/weight limit.
  4. Keep the VTR the marginal gain isn't worth it.

    Agree on revving the tits off it. Its a Honda it will be fine.
  5. I've still got a year to go on my restrictions hence the CB comparison

    I guess your right about the change being a waste of money and I do love the VTR so I guess I'll just wait out my time and save for the big upgrade

    Thanks for your input
  6. Training is good if you are bored, faster on the same bike.
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    Last edited: Nov 24, 2012
    I just bought my 2nd cb400 even though I could have bought a Street Triple.
    The CB400 is a great bike and after I put on new tyres (MIchelin Pilot Powers), the bike has completely transformed. It changes direction and turns in effortlessy. I love it

    I have never ridden a VTR250 but I have ridden a CBR250, and the CB400 absolutely smashes a CBR250 in terms of acceleration.
    The VTEC motor and transmission is absolutely 1st class in terms of refinement
  8. The CB400 handles like a bag of dicks. I halved my cornering speed going from a ZX2R to a CB400, took me ages to get it back up, then I got the Aprilia and that laughs at corners where the CB400 would have struggled with it's dodgy suspension.

    On the plus side the motor is smooth and the bike is very comfortable
  9. The suspension is not great compared to say the Street Triple R, but I have found the tyres make an even greater difference than the suspension. The OEM tyres absolutely suck. After putting Michelin Pilot Powers on the bike, the bike behaves almost like a motard. Tyre shape makes a huge difference to how the bike feels when turning in or changing direction