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vtr 250 neutral light ignition issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mav, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. hey guys

    this is a bit of a weird one, i started my vtr 250 99 this morning no problems and then again this arvo on the way back and it was starting fine when in neutral. however the funny business began when i got home.

    i can put the bike in neutral gear. however i dont get a neutral gear light now, and when i proceed to start the bike i get nothing. however, when i hold the clutch in on neutral it starts up fine, and idles sweetly when i release clutch. i tried all the switches and the electricals seem to be fine, excluding the starter button in neutral gear when the clutch isnt pulled in. i just get the headlight flicker as if i was in first with no clutch.

    not quite sure on the issue here, can anyone help? im going to pull it the ignition block apart tomorrow to see if the wiring is still connected or not, although im not quite sure whether is just a quirky electrical issue that when the electrics dont percieve that the bike is in neutral (even when it is) that it wont start up without a clutch. help anyone? (ps this is mavs brother) thanks guys

  2. I think your right in that the bike will start if in neutral or the clutch is depressed, that is the way the electrical circuit is designed. The switch that detects neutral is probably faulty or the wire to it has come loose. Check there first.


    The other possibility is a unit called the clutch diode which is in the Fuse block with the fuses. If one of the diodes in the unit has failed open circuit you will get the same type of symptom.

    Borrow or buy a multimeter and check the switch first when it is neutral the switch should be on and you will get a connection from the wire to the frame.

    Good Luck.
  3. its the neutral switch, from memory its located in the RHS casing, it gets the signal from the cam on the end of the shift drum. over time the rubber boot over the sensor perishes and oil penetrates the sensor. common problem with the VTR250, yours is unusual in that it doesnt matter whether its hot or not, generally the bike needs to really warm up before it becomes an issue.
    yes you can buy a new sensor, its fairly straight forward to install. or what i did is short the switch in the clutch so the bike thinks the clutch is always in, it only affects the starter circuit. the only draw back is the bike can be started in gear with the clutch out.