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Solved VTR 250 Indicators not working

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dekkar, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Hi, had a problem on the bike this morning, hope it isnt anything major.

    I rode it out of the garage after 3 or 4 months of non use. After around 100m, the revs speedo started going up and down like crazy even though I was a steady 3000rpm. It did this for a few seconds then died. No electrics. No power.

    I had a look at the battery and fuses, and I saw that the negative on the battery was loose enough to be a problem. I tightened it up, and was able to start up the bike and everything ran as normal. Only the indicators dont work.

    All the fuses are OK, and the headlight/brake works OK. I dont think its the bulbs, because when I put the indicators or hazards on, nothing registers on the dash. Normally I would get the green arrow light flickering, but now Im getting nothing.

    I actually cant confirm that the indicators were working prior to the power issue, but does anyone have an idea of where the problem lies if the indicators arent working, and also arent showing up as active on the dash?

  2. Things to check:
    Remove and replace the fuse associated with the indicators
    The indicator switch
    The connections to the indicator switch
    The flasher can
    The connections to the flasher can
    The connections and wiring to the indicator lights
    The battery earth and positive terminals and connections
    The frame and engine earth connections
    Look under the seat/tank for mouse/rat nests and/or chewed wires and so on.
  3. Check the globes anyway as a blown globe can upset thins, although it is unusual for a blown globe to upset both left and right circuits. But they are an easy check and then at least you eliminate that potential issue.

    If your earth on the battery was loose, I'd be giving that close scrutiny. Don't just ttighten it, take both terminals off, clean them and then put them on tight.

    From then on it is a process of eliminating buy testing the list pwbike provided.
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  4. Yeah, good call on the globes and the globe holders by GreyBMGreyBM
  5. Hi Guys, will spend a bit of time on it over the weekend... thanks for the suggestions and info..... hopefully its just the globes...... I was actually riding it to get a pink slip when it happened....... Such bad timing!!
  6. Ended up having to take it to the shop, they told me it was an indicator relay that was fried. Needed new tyres to get past rego.... So eventful visit to the garage!

    Thx all for the input!
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