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Vtr 250 Honda Opions please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Senior Citizen, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Hi All
    My grand daughter is looking at bikes at teh moment and I was wondering if anyone had an opinion of the Vtr 250 Honda.
    I knew someone that had one some years ago but have lost track of them to ask.
    From memory they were pretty good and gave little trouble. Is that right?
    What sort of mileages would be deemed to many?

  2. Hey Senior Citizen,
    The VTR 250 is a great bike, i have a 99 model with 45,000 klms on it and it is still a great bike to ride. It's docile enough to put around on, it's comfortable and you can have some great fun on them as they are quite manouverable. As for too many miles depends on the general condition of the bike. You can get low mile bikes that are thrashed and not looked after service wise. Many will have small battle scars as they are a popular learner bike but they are bloody resiliant little bikes and very reliable. Like anything as long and it has been generally looked after, it should be a great bike for your granddaughter if she's capable of the job. I know mine is easily great fun and rock solid reliable. Hope this helps.
    Kurnell Sanders...
  3. ^ Wot he said.

    I have one, and whilst I will be upgrading at the end of my restrictions, I have no qualms recommending a VTR250 to any learner. I was fortunate to find a 2007 model with only 2100k on it. Not too heavy for a woman (once she's used to it), a drop is usually not fatal, damage wise b/c it's a naked so no fairings to damage. Parts easy to get, lots of bikes available at various prices.

    More experienced riders than I continually tell me what a great bike it is. I'd probably keep it, but 250cc is a bit small for my podgy butt power wise.

    ETA: The odometer is now sitting at 18000+ kms, and I've had her for a year.
  4. My leaner bike was a 2007 VTR and it was a great little bike (I still miss it sometimes to be honest)

    Being a twin they have a bit more torque than most 250's
    Being a twin they rev less and tend to ware less over the years

    That said - maintenance is key. If any VTR is well looked after I really can't see them ever dying.......they truly are that honest (y)
  5. Thanks for the replies.
    Will discuss them with g'daughter to add to her thoughts.
  6. Another thumbs up for the VTR250. Never had any issues with mine and has always been a great and reliable bike (y)
  7. ex-gf has one, awesome bike to get around on, even after 40,000kms they feel brand new if looked after. she dropped it several times without any more damage than a broken lever (around $20 to replace) and the suspension is adjustable to 1" lower. might not sound like much but for someone who is 5foot it made a huge difference to the height of the seat. thumbs up on recommendation
  8. Mine's just on 60k and still running like a dream!!
  9. Dear Senior,

    As a new rider currently on a 150cc motorscooter I am working hard sifting through the vast array of two wheel options out there. The VTR250 is looking very much like the best option for me when I weigh the choices against my needs - practical and style-wise - 50k urban commute, 5 days a week. My route includes 80kph arterials, 100kph freeway and inner city filtering.

    In this regard, I have the VTR250 as a clear leader, with larger bikes such as Suzuki GS500 a close second, followed by an array of others - all great bikes but the VTR250 has certainly caught my eye - a mini-Monster with that trellis frame, great torque and power from the V twin, quality build from Honda. And very well priced too for units below 20,000k on the clock.

    Its all about horses for courses, so it does depend on what use your grand-daughter has in mind and her budget. Fact is, the VTR250 will likely meet all her needs, unless she is in training for the GP at Phillip Island!