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VTR 250 Hi revs at idle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by brayo, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    just collected my bike from the transport people and rode it home and found that the bike is reving really high (5000 rpms) when in neutral.

    Ovbiously it wasnt doing this before it was shipped.

    The only thing wrong i have noticed is the right hand side controls were twisted back a little and i will fi that tonight.

    i have the workshop manual but not much engine knowledge.

    If anyone hase any ideas that would be great.

    BTW i am between internet connections at the moment so i may be slow in reply.

  2. I presume there's an idle adjustment knob near your carbies....adjust it. Sound like some wanker has been playing mechanic with the bike.
  3. Or, the right hand throttle controls are twisted back a bit causing the cable to be pulled on slightly, thus the higher throttle.
  4. Several things to check:

    1) There are 2 cables for the throttle - one to open and one to close.

    The front-most cable is the opening one, and it should have 2 to 3mm of free-play. Slide the rubber cover from the adjuster (not the easiest thing to do) and adjust the nut and barrell adjuster until you have that free play.

    It's possiblt that the cable was snagged by some object during shipping and is not sitting snugly, either there or at the throttle plate on the carb.

    Once you have free play, watch the throttle plate at the carbs to see when the plate starts to move as you open the thropttle. Because of the free-play there should be a slight lag.

    2) Check the idle speed adjusting screw on the left hand side - it is angled and has a black plastic nut moulded to it. Screw anti-clockwise to slow it down.

    3) There is a possibility that someone has mistakenly adjusted the carb balance rod, which is on the right side of the bike. This controls the synch between the two carbs and does not normally get "out" by itself. It can speed the idle up if screwed the wrong way.

    I would hesitate to touch this - it really needs vacuum gauges to set right.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  5. Also, if the switchblock has a locating dowel, and the dowel has sheared, you may want to hit them up for replacing the switchblock.
  6. thanks all for the replys

    will give it a look this week to see how i go.