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VTR 250 Headlight problems!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Darren96, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. I got on my bike after work a few days ago and my headlight wouldn't work, all other lights are ok. I get no response when I use the pass switch or high/low beam. There is no switch to actually turn the headlight on as it turns on automatically with the bike.

    I checked all fuses and checked the wires behind the light and all seems ok. I also replaced the bulb (obviously first thing I tried) and nothing.

    Any ideas!???
  2. forgot to add that my bike had had a bit of rain on it that day before the light stopped working which I'm not sure if it could have helped cause the problem somehow?
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    Is there voltage on the globe? That would be the first place to start. Then check continuity of the earth to chassis

    It is possible that one of your connectors has corroded and is not continuous
  4. WD40 to displace the water out of sockets etc. Pull the plug on the back of the headlight and reconnect it again.. That's a good place to start. Then its multimeter time if that fails.
  5. continuity of earth to the chassis? Not sure what that means exactly.
  6. The frame of the bike is tied to the negative of the battery. There will be a negative wire from the headlight that connects to the frame somewhere and provides the return path for the headlight and hi beam.
  7. How old is the bike? I had a similar problem on my Firestorm which turned out to dirt between the connectors in the ignition assembly.

    Does the headlight light up at all when you just turn the ignition switch on? When you start the motor does the headlight light up at all?
  8. Failed relay or water in a relay or conections to relay?
    You need to trace the wiring back from the headlight, testing for voltage as you go, eventually you'll find where the power stops and you'll have your culprit.
  9. Open up the righthand switch block and thoroughly douse the starter button assembly with WD-40 or similar. It might be moisture or corrosion keeping the headlight cut-out on after the starter has been used. My Honda recently did this. Takes five minutes to fix.
  10. The bike is a 2003 model. I get no response what so over, no light on the instrument cluster, no response from pass button and no response with high/low beam button.
  11. Do the front blinkers work. The return path for the front blinkers is the same as the headlight. If they do then get a multimeter, check continuity to ground with the multimeter. By that I mean what is the resistance from the negative connection on the globe plug to the frame. Then check for 12v across the globe plug.
  12. Ok so I just tested the front headlight socket with a test light and nothing. so obviously no power is getting that far along but as I head back up the wires they all bundle together and was hoping to not have to put the casing from around those wires off. does this help narrow anything down?
  13. yes the blinkers do work. everything works other than the pass button, high beam light on cluster and the headlamp.
  14. Ok, The Frame return for the front blinkers is the same wire as the headlamp return. There is a junction on the VTR250 where the wire from the headlamp connects to the wire that goes to the blinkers. But the next step is to get a multimeter and disconnect the headlamp plug. Should be a 3 pin plug Hi Beam, Low Beam and Ground Return.

    1. Inspect the plug for corrosion or dirt, clean up if required.
    2. Set your multimeter on Low Range Ohms.
    3. Measure between the Ground pin and a clean metal part of the motorcycle or back to the negative of the battery. Low ohms Good, High Ohms bad.
    4. Assuming you got low ohms in test 2 it means the Ground line is intact.
    5. Switch to volts on your multimeter.
    6. Measure between Ground and the low beam pin. Should be around 12V
    7. Switch on Hi Beam
    8. Measure between Ground and Hi Beam pin, should be around 12V
    9. Assuming these are ok, suspect the globe or plug. Replacement plugs are available this is commonly known as a H4 pattern.
    Good Luck.
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  15. Thanks a lot mate, sorry you had to spell it out for me like you did but when it comes to electrics i know the very basics and thats it. I havent got a multimeter but I shall pick one up in the nest few days and let you know what I find. Thanks again!
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  16. So i took your advice mate, coated the entire inside of the right-hand switch block. At first it had no effect, but this morning I started the bike and the light worked. and also worked on the ride home from work. Thanks a million mate
  17. Sometimes..................... I really love this place......
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  18. I know this is an old thread but I just had that same prob on my VTR and was about to take it to the mechanic when I found this thread. Two squirts of WD40 and it's fixed, thanks Netrider... :)
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