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VTR 250 - fuel leak & where to get parts?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by trd2000, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. So ive taken the tank off a few times in the last week. Anyone whos done it will know its a pain in the ass getting hoses back on. I did it once to check the air filter and then i thought i'd be clever and change the filter a few days later without disconnecting them...

    now i think ive damaged a hose as i started the bike this morning and fuel spontaneously erupted from underneath the tank and cascaded all over the engine before causing a massive puddle on the ground within seconds... there's no fuel coming out when the engine is off, so I think it has to be a split in a fuel line or a hose partially coming off... if it was an EFI bike i'd say it's when the fuel pump primes as the fuel comes out fast enough to be getting pumped, but my problem is I'm really not that familiar with carby's and what all the lines are for... is the vacuum line to the petcock the same as a fuel return?? and there doesn't seem to be a pump, so is it just gravity fed? again if it was just gravity then wouldn't it be leaking when the bike is just sitting there? does that suggest its the fuel ruturn/vacuum line?

    lots of questions but maybe someone has some ideas before i blow myself up. I noticed the hoses were looking pretty old and dry when i had them off the other day so i wont be surprised if i split one but as splits can be hard to find i'm trying to work out the best place to start....

    ALSO... does anyone know of a good parts site for these things? my other bikes i can get parts online for a fraction of the dealer price, and look up parts easily but there seems to be an info black hole on the VTR.....

    ive had bad experience with dealers getting the wrong parts before and i like to at least give a part number even if i have to go to a local dealer...
  2. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1391477696.976512. Found it...
  3. Hoses have a limited life,I would be changing all of them if there at THAT age,one splits and then another.Get a length of the right dia and cut each to the right length to suit at any auto accessory shop.
  4. Just make sure you take a bit of the old hose so you get the right diameter. They come in quite a few sizes.
  5. Ok so the old hose was actually ok. Nice and supple and should have been a problem.... However it had been cut shorter at some stage, presumably when the tank's come off previously. It made it extremely difficult to get the tank on or off and ended up pulling on the Petcock and unscrewing/loosening it from the tank. In tightening the Petcock I've pulled on the hose even further, and its torn, right where it goes on the petcock....

    I contemplated redoing all the hoses but as it turned out to be ok, just short, I decided to just replace that one line. I'm lazy and was over it after all the screwing round. I'm just luck when it tore was home in the shed not out on the road.