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VTR 250 Fuel Economy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mizz ZZR, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Calling all VTR 250 riders.....

    How many kilometres do you get per litre of fuel???
  2. 220kms per 11 litres = 20 kms per litre

    Then the reserve of 2 litres.......
  3. i have made mine go 310km's and i filled up and got 11.6 L of fuel in it (12L tank mind you)...but somtimes im filling up at 250km's, i got a satintune pipe on it without the baffel but i dont know if this would make a difference. :D
  4. Have made it to the 250 mark, including reserve.
    Now testing it on Premium to see if any difference. :)
  5. i always get the 98 octain stuff..just makes me feel better :LOL:
  6. I used to ride one of these a bit, and 20km/L was about the best I got, depending on how often you wrung it out. A pipe may improve this figure a little.
  7. I would say between 270 - 280 km. I have a megacycle on my VTR.
  8. Thanks guys......

    Guess a VTR isn't gonna help with saving fuel while its so exxy then..... I get better economy out of the ZZ!
  9. wow 26km/L is damn good!

    I usually get just on 20km/L (albeit on a 900) :p
  10. stock VTR = 240 kms before reserve (about 10L) on premium for me
  11. I get about 300-400km per 13 litres
  12. i get about 23/24 km per litre if i'm running premium... and for the record i'm running a staintune (without the baffle of course :twisted: )
  13. 20 sound pretty ordinary. I get 17 out of the 1100.