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VTR 250 for sale (2001)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by se7en, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. Posting this on here as I know they are a popular model whenever anyone asks 'which 250 should I get'

    2001 model with 24500 kms (and counting).

    I bought it from a friend of a friend who had it garaged for years with minimal use as he tried to convince his wife to ride it - hence the low kms. I've put around 12000 kms on it in the last couple of years, mainly commuting to work along the nepean hwy - a task it is eminently suited to. I don't much like getting wet, so it gets left home when it's raining, and given a wash if I ever get caught in the rain on the way home.

    Both owners fall into the 'mature' category, so it's always been well looked after and regularly serviced. I do an oil change at a minimum of every 5000kms, and keep it clean, chain lubed etc. Obviously in perfect mechanical condition, I've had zero problems in the last couple of years. Comes with a Ventura rack, but is otherwise stock.

    The previous owner (well, actually his wife, so I was told) dropped it once at slow speed, there are some small scratches on the front mudguard as per attached photo. If you look really closely in person you can see where the muffler has been polished to remove some scratches as well. Besides that it's in as new condition.

    I'm selling it to buy a bigger V-twin, and have been offered $3k as a trade in on a bike I was looking at. Ended up not buying that bike as it wasn't in the condition I wanted, but it gave an indication of price. So I'll take $3500 with RWC from a netrider member in the interests of an easy sale. (Note that I have it advertised elsewhere for more - so please say if you saw it here)


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