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VTR 250 first service trouble (more a rant than anything)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by The Snout, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. HI All,

    Just got my new VTR 250 back from the dealer after the 1000km service, and it's not the same bike.

    With a slight headwind coming home wasn't able to maintain 100kmh. The bike also just doesn't pull like it was from new to 1000kms.

    I'm calling the dealer tomorrow and taking it back, but just needed to vent to guys who knew what I'm talking about.

    It's disappointing, whole reason I bought new and going to the dealer was to avoid troubles, and now first service I have to take it back, assuming they even acknowledge it's not running right.

    Have a question too. Before the service when I started the bike cold, I had the choke all out and for the first 30 secs it would idle around 1500rpm then slowly build up to 4000rpm before I started to move the choke in.

    Now, I start it cold the same way and the thing just stays at 1700rpm all the time before I close the choke. Is it meant to rise like it was before ?

    Any opinions welcomed.


  2. Sounds like they've played with the air/fuel mixture which has affected the tunning. If the mixture is too rich, you will find the engine looses some power, and efficiency.

    Get them to check this and the air filter as well.
  3. Just checked the service sheet I got and it reads :

    Changed Oil and Oil Filter
    Checked Tappets
    Checked Chain Tension and Lube Chain
    Checked Carby Balance
    Checked Tyre Pressure
    Checked Front Wheel and Brakes (I mentioned it had a slight squeak when wheeling it out of a morning)

    Wash Bike

    I'm guessing that the Check Carby Balance might be the thing they messed with, though I'm no mechanic.
  4. Your bike should easily pull 100k's even with a head wind. Who was it who did the service? Name the dealership.
  5. sound's like they screwed something up mate, give them a ring and have a spew at them
  6. I took it for another ride late last night and it's definately feeling weaker, like 20% of it's power all over is just not there.

    I purchased and have had this first service done at Bolton's in Kyneton. During sale and delivery I couldn't speak highly enough, very friendly and helpful, gave me a screen at basically cost price.

    This is the first service however and the bike is just wrong. Sounds different, feels weaker.

    So I'll call them back and bring the bike in this afternoon for them to take another look, and to be fair I'll post the outcome here so that the whole story is told since I've named them now as the dealer.

    My business with them is on the line however, any future servicing of this bike and sales and servicing of any upgrade I do all depends on having this bike sorted out.
  7. Call them up and Explain to them what the problem is.

    Don't go all apeshit at them. Might be a simple mistake that they can rectify. But going nuts at them they might make it worse for you.

  8. Maybe thats where it went wrong.
  9. Called them this morning, I'll be taking the bike in this afternoon. I'll report back and tell you how it turns out.
  10. Took the bike in yesterday. Friendly service, different mechanic to the guy that serviced it came outside and took a look.

    Noted it was idling a bit high and asked if he could take it for a run. I said no problem.

    Took it out for about 5-6 mins and came back and said it all seemed fine.

    I mentioned that it was idling differently from cold startup and he had no problem taking it in overnight and starting it cold this morning to take a proper look at it. So I'll write more after a get a call today.

    While riding there yesterday I had no headwind and it sat on 110 with no problem. So maybe the headwind was stronger when I picked it up, not sure.

    But the tone of the engine sounds deeper now and while it's not a slug something has changed with it.

    The guy who took it for a run yesterday and is looking at it today is the guy did the work on it before I took delivery so he set it up initially.

    I'll post more when I hear something.
  11. dunno if i remember hearing something about your power not being full untill youve done a couple of thousand k's, but my VTR is on 7600 roughly, and i can do 130 on the straight without headwind (or tailwind :p) and 140 id i chuck my head down low.
    this was all tested on a racetrack, of course :p
  12. Picked it up again today. Bike powerwise now seems fine.

    He said he gave it a tweak to make it idle better but not much else as she was running fine.

    Friendly service, no charge of course, wasn't any trouble for them. So I'm happy with the service.

    Riding home the same way as when I picked it up but this time no headwind at all, and it sat on 110-112 no problem, still had more in it.

    So, while I still believe the note of the engine still seems a tad deeper than before, I can't fault the power. So now maybe I'm guessing my inexperience underestimate the headwind the other day. Don't know for sure.

    But the bike on power feels back to normal that's for sure.

    Thanks for listening to the rant. It's good to have riders to lean on.

  13. the deeper note would have been cause they might have adjusted the tappets to have a tad more lift, nothing to worry about. does it have a can on it???
    i had the same thing when i got mine back from the 24000kms service. they got pretty sensitive fuel filters, clean em out and they'll run like shit for a tank or so. they looked after ya good by the sounds of it. i wouldnt exepct too much of the engine till you put a few more kays on it, they can take a while to loosen up.