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vtr 250 fairings,

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by spenaroo, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. anyone seen these before??
    reckon it would be sweet on my vtr, especially if it had some 125 or 250cc cbr fairing modified to fit. something different :p

    so anyone seen one for sale,

    or this
    really would love that belly tank

    and the website i found (gold been looking for these sorts of parts and a lucky stumble/find)

    edit....... wow its expensive $330 for the belly tank, and 1,160 for the bikini fairing (well it does include the screen and headlight still....)

    single seat cowl is also cool


    looks sweet why is this the only ones i can find
  2. mmm saw them, saw the price tag. Would be interesting to see how different it feels... but without being able to try it first it's not worth the cash you have to stump up front.
  3. yep, thats huge money for something that will most likely not have the great honda fit and finish you would have if you just got a cbr250...
  4. Agree that it's probably not worth the cash, but still ... I reckon it looks a lot better and more distinctive than any CBR250 (including the Tyga-kitted ones).
  5. After borrowing a vtr250 from the dealer while my vfr was getting serviced I can say I am sure you will get sick of the bike before the fairings become a worthwhile investment.
  6. yeah but ive only been on my l's for a month so i cant upgrade bikes, i just think it looks great and is what id like my vtr to be.
    unfortunetly to put that kit on it would cost half of what i paid for my vtr.

    if i knew i coud get a cbr fairing or simmilar that would fit id try making brackets (and cutting it down) but i dont have the cash to get a set without knowing the outcome

    though i reckon this came out good: (not that id go full fairing)

    just dont like the front on the vtr (the headlight doesn't match the rest of the bike)
  7. have a look for the little twin headlight kit... a cheap and effective alternative...
  8. that last repsol from vtr250.com is the interceptor that wasn't sold here. I think it was made about the same time as the spada (or before it).
  9. yeah but figured it was close enough to demonstrate what one could look like and if it doable

    ah man i finally just realized what fairing i should use,
    seeing as it looks like a mini monster, why not make it a mini 999 (well 749 is closer)
    the front cowing should be better than any ebay crap. its the style i want and even has the same headlight design i wanted. its almost exactly what i was looking for. just got to find headlights........
    see what its like with the front cowling. then if i like it i may buy some cheap 749/999 fairings later (ebay most likely)
    and it looks to be the cheapest option. just no guarantee it will work or look good:( (and still cant find headlights)

    someone want to photoshop it??? tried, but i dont have the skill anymore
  10. heh, depending on the measurements you could stick some madass headlights in there. There are pics on netrider of a vtr with them stacked vertically, looks sweet actually, it was a very nice bike.
  11. yeah was looking into it, worse case scenario dissect some maddass or stacked ebay lights and make a custom housing (cut in half, add spacer plate)
  12. well as an update in japan they run a race class for the vtr 250, so ive found a couple of manufacturers who make fairings, rear sets etc.... even top plates for the forks (so clip-ons look decent)

    the first mod ill do to the vtr i think is get some of these bars
    this is there bike
  13. some more examples of the race bikes

  14. racing these sounds like way too much fun, but when i look at these all i can see is dollar signs, got any idea about cost ?
  15. yeah........... its expensive
    the bars i want arent too bad at around $50 (plus postage)

    full conversion kit is around 9k,
    but for the fairings/cowling 2k.......
  16. 9k ? really ? doesnt sound all that expensive;)
  17. well for 9k you do get

    Race for the original Furukauru (front cowl, screen, seat cowl, cowl Stay Set)
    Only Handlebar Furukauru
    Racing Muffler
    Step Set Racing
    Brake hose
    Chain guard
    Oil drain, oil filter, oil filler cap, wire lock processing support such regulation

    i dont know how much it would cost to do similar on say a cbr or ninja, but imagine it would be a bit cheaper
  18. Here's one out of left field:

    edit: you can find the rest under the 2000 model vtr gallery on bikepics. I tried to research the bike a little, all i got was a spanish name thats on the account that uploaded them, apparently he works for some motorcycle shop in spain.